The reason for refusing Chelsea for PSG, says Achraf Hakimi


Achraf Hakimi admitted that he received two big offers when preparing to leave Inter Milan . In the end, he turned down Chelsea in favor of PSG .

Hakimi only played one season with Inter, but he left a great impression. He played an important role in Inter’s struggle to become champions last season, Hakimi’s contribution cannot be underestimated.

Despite playing as a full-back, Hakimi contributed a lot of goals and assists for the team. Unfortunately Inter had financial problems which forced them to sell Hakimi.

At that time there were two top clubs approaching Hakimi, PSG and Chelsea. The choice fell on the first offer, why is that?

Feelling is PSG
Not many players have the luck to choose two top clubs at once, especially at the level of PSG or Chelsea. Hakimi got the chance, and he chose PSG for obvious reasons.

“I got two offers. One from Chelsea and one from PSG. However, I felt I had to leave for Paris, that I would be happy here,” Hakimi said in Italian Football.

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“I feel comfortable at PSG. We have a dream and I’m happy to be a part of that dream.”

With the top team
Of course Hakimi didn’t come alone. This summer PSG brought in many top players, including Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos.

“PSG is a great club. I I was lucky because many champion players also joined,” he said.

So far, Hakimi’s adaptation at PSG seems to be going well. He immediately adjusted to the PSG game and contributed directly.

Most recently, Thursday (23/9), Hakimi scored two goals that brought PSG to beat Metz 2-1 in the Ligue 1 match.

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Not Chess Not Tennis, It’s Not Tuchel vs Guardiola

The Chelsea vs Manchester City duel is not just a meeting between two top teams. There is a tough competition between the two coaches: Thomas Tuchel vs Josep Guardiola .

This fierce match will be one of the offerings for the Premier League 2021/22, Saturday (25/9/2021). This time Chelsea will first serve Man City at Stamford Bridge.

Last season, Tuchel could guide Chelsea three times to beat Man City, namely in the FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League. Victory in the Champions League feels the most special because it is titled the final match.

Now thanks to those three victories, Tuchel began to be called superior to Guardiola. So, what did Tuchel himself say?

Tuchel earned praise for his tactical choices in Chelsea’s three wins over Man City last season. However, Tuchel actually had doubts that he would not be able to beat Pep.

Now the two will meet again in the new season, but Tuchel insists that this match is not about him and Pep, but about both teams.

After all, it’s not about me and him,” Tuchel said on Sky Sports.

Not really superior
Furthermore, Tuchel emphasized that Chelsea’s three wins last season did not mean Man City were weak and played badly. Instead, he saw a balanced match between two top teams, anyone could win.

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