The Queen’s Gambit series deviates from history, Netflix has to sue for billions of rupiah


The Queen’s Gambit series, which was popular because it featured a fictional female chess character from the 1960s named Beth Harmon, who was finally recognized by the world, has just caused a new polemic.

The Netflix digital platform company, which broadcasts the series starring Anya Taylor-Joy, is being sued by the old female chess player, Miss Gaprindashvili, who did exist in the real world at that time.

Miss Gaprindashvili admitted that she was offended by one of the lines in the last episode of The Queen’s Gambit . There, there is a sentence that deviates from the context of Gaprindashvili’s career history.

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Ignoring History
The Georgia-born chess player who is now 80 years old was named the first woman to win the Grandmaster title by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) in 1978.

However, in the dialogue of the final episode of The Queen’s Gambit, the producers of this series seem to ignore the history that Gaprindashvili has made.

Called Never Against Male Chess
In the dialogue in one of the scenes, there is a statement which states that Gaprindashvili has never competed against male chess players.

As a result, this series is considered to be impressed with throwing away these facts in order to make the main character who is a fictional character, Elizabeth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), the first female chess player to have this experience.

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The Women’s Chess Demand
As a result of the deviated dialogue, Miss Gaprindashvili sued Netflix for a fairly large amount, namely US $ 5 million or equivalent to Rp. 71.2 billion. He sued Netflix for a misdemeanor violation of a person’s privacy and reputation.

Another thing that Gaprindashvili is concerned about is the mention of himself as Russian. In fact, in the past he won several times while representing the Soviet Union and Georgia in the world chess tournament at that time. For that, he felt that his origins were belittled.

“Netflix is trying to create fictional characters who pave the way for other women. In fact, I have already paved the way and inspired generations,” Gaprindashvili said in an interview with the New York Times.

Netflix Reaction
Netflix has already responded to these demands. But they still respect the demands of the chess.

“Netflix has the utmost respect for Miss Gaprindashvili and her illustrious career,” said a Netflix representative, according to the Los Angeles Times.

However, Netflix is still trying to win from this case and considers Gaprindashvili’s demands to be unfounded.

The Queen’s Gambit series is judged to be humiliating, Netflix is sued by the Soviet Chess Grandmaster

Soviet female chess grandmaster , Miss Gaprindashvili sued Netflix for US$ 5 million (approximately Rp. 71 billion) due to a sentence in the series The Queen’s Gambit which she considered demeaning.

The scene with the sentence itself occurs in the final episode of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, where Gaprindashvili’s name is said to have never faced a man.

Quoting The Guardian , Monday (20/9/2021), at that time, the main character Beth Hormon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy , went to Moscow for a series of chess matches against Soviet champions.

Quoted from CNET , one of the climax scenes in the Moscow tournament, an announcer at the time commented on Harmon.

“The only thing unusual about her is her gender, although that is not unique in Russia. There is Miss Gaprindashvili, but she is the women’s world champion and has never faced a man,” he said.

Feeling Hurt
Gaprindashvili, who currently lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, was offended and filed a lawsuit last Thursday in federal district court in Los Angeles, United States.

In her lawsuit, the 80-year-old said she had fought 59 men, including 28 in one simultaneous match, as well as 10 grandmasters, in 1968, the backdrop of the series.

In his lawsuit, Gaprindashvili felt aggrieved by the sentence and demanded millions of dollars in damages.

According to her, her words that she had never faced a man were “a lie that destroyed, damaged, and demeaned her achievements in front of millions of viewers.”


Netflix Response

Also in the lawsuit, Gaprindashvili said that in the series, he was depicted as Russian, even though he was a citizen of Georgia and was born in Zugdidi.

“It’s my whole life that has been crossed out, as if it didn’t matter,” he said.

Gaprindashvili herself started playing chess as a teenager and won the first of five women’s world chess championship titles at the age of 21.

He won the almost all-male Hastings Challengers tournament from 1963 to 1964, then beat all the British masters in the main tournament the following year.

She also became the first woman to be awarded an international grandmaster title by FIDE in 1978.

Netflix has yet to officially respond to requests for comment. But told the New York Times , they said they had great respect for Gaprindashvili and his illustrious career.

“However we believe these claims are baseless and will defend the case with full effort,” they said.

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