The process of shooting for the movie Deepwater Horizon premiere


One of the reasons for the delay in the production of this film was the resignation of the director: JC Chandor. Because of differences in creative ideas with producers.

As a replacement for JC Chandor, on January 30, 2015, Peter Berg was then appointed to direct this 107 minute film. Previously, he was quite successful when writing and directing the film Lone Survivor (2013). Which is also lifted from the true story.

And, uniquely, in the film Lone Survivor, the 52-year-old director also collaborated with Mark Wahlberg. Who plays Marcus Luttrell. Which is the only member of the Navy SEALs who survived the massacre that occurred in the mountains in Afghanistan.

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Besides Mark Wahlberg, Deepwater Horizon is also reinforced by a number of famous Hollywood stars. Such as Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, Gina Rodriguez, and the main actor of the film franchise The Maze Runner: Dylan O’Brien. In addition, as a sweetener, there is also the sexy Kate Hudson. Who is the stepson of Kurt Russell. Which, for the first time, played with his father in this film.

And, as a result, after it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 13, 2016, Deepwater Horizon received a standing ovation. A number of review sites also gave a fairly positive rating. The film, which was written by Matthew Sand, is considered capable of presenting a tense action thriller. Which at the same time stirred the emotions of the audience.

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In fact, after watching Deepwater Horizon, there are observers who predict that many ordinary people will be angry with British Petroleum. As the party deemed to be responsible for the explosion incident at the oil drilling.

Another film set in World War II was released on the big screen. This time, it’s titled USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. Which raised the true story of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. In the Philippine Sea. On July 30, 1945. This film, directed by Mario Van Peebles, focuses on the bravery of the crew of the USS Indianapolis. Led by Captain Charles McVay. Played by veteran actor Nicolas Cage.

The presence of Nicolas Cage is the main attraction of this film. In addition, who also attracted attention was Thomas Jane. The main star of the film Deep Blue Sea (1999). And Cody Walker. They all played the crew of the USS Indianapolis.

Like other films about World War II, this film is also based on a true story. As recorded in history, in mid-1945, the ship belonging to the United States Navy USS Indianapolis got a very secret assignment. Their mission is to transport some important parts to make an atomic bomb. To Tinian. Located in the Northern Mariana Islands, Pacific Ocean. This small island is quite famous. Because it became an Allied military base. Who intends to destroy Japan with a powerful atomic bomb.

The USS Indianapolis, in fact, accomplished their mission. However, after returning from Tinian (to be precise, in the Philippine Sea), the ship carrying 1,197 crew was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-58.