The plot of the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still unpredictable


Although there are many clues scattered in the first trailer and the last trailer, which was released last October, the plot of the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still unpredictable. In fact, apart from that, the fate of General Leia Organa, played by the late Carrie Fisher, is also unclear. Given that the original cast is dead, will Leia’s character be turned off and end up in this eighth episode of the film? Or was he left alive?

In the trailer of this film, it looks like a scene that is enough to make fans goosebumps. Namely, when Kylo Ren was battling in space against a Resistance ship. Inside the ship stood General Leia Organa. Which incidentally is his mother. Then, a moment later, Kylo looks like he’s about to press the shot launcher button. To destroy Leia’s ship!

Is Kylo really that bad? Is that Kylo or Rangga? After killing his father, Han Solo, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in this film, will he take the life of his own mother?

In the film The Last Jedi, Carrie Fisher does have a central role as Leia Organa. His sudden departure in December last year was a huge loss to the Star Wars family.

In fact, what was prepared as a farewell film for Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) was Episode IX. Because The Force Awakens is a farewell to Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and The Last Jedi is a film about Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). However, because Carrie died, some changes had to be made.

Lucasfilm boss, who is the producer of Star Wars, Kathleen Kennedy, confirmed that The Last Jedi is Carrie Fisher’s last film. The portion in this eighth episode film is made very large and phenomenal as a form of respect. In addition, Kennedy also denied rumors that Carrie would “appear” in Episode IX with the help of CGI (computer-generated imagery) technology.

Besides Rey, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Kylo Ren, the main character who has returned is Finn (John Boyega). At the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it is said, the former stormtrooper was seriously injured and unconscious. However, in the film The Last Jedi, he will recover. Finn is going back to adventure. Although, this time, he was no longer with Rey.

However, even without Rey, Finn will not be lonely. Because he will be accompanied by a new character named Rose. Paige Tico’s sister. The two girls are played by Vietnamese actresses: Kelly Marie Tran and Veronica Ngo. They, it is said, will explore a new city called Canto Bight.

Director Rian Johnson described Canto Bight as a very glamorous city. Similar to Monte Carlo in Monaco. A place to gamble for the rich. In addition, there also live various kinds of multispecies aliens. With a strange shape.

Rian Johnson admitted that he deliberately created Canto Bight so that the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi does not seem too dark. In addition, he also slipped an element of comedy in it. So, in the midst of heavy drama moments, the audience will still feel happy. Because there is a thick sense of humor there.