‘The Peacemaker’: James Gunn and John Cena recreate the series of the 80s with their delicious spin-off of ‘The Suicide Squad’ on HBO Max

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James Gunn hasn’t wasted any time. With ‘The Suicide Squad’ still warm and surely forming part of the connaisseurs’ shelves, John Cena once again places himself at the command of this indomitable thug with the “continuation” of the film. ‘The Peacemaker’ arrives at HBO Max willing to not leave a puppet with a head. Literally, too.

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It was clear that there were also not many more attractive options than John Cena with a shiny helmet on his head to continue the legacy of the old squad on television. With the star as executive producer, a cast of old familiar faces in and out of his universe and a bunch of great retro-hair-metal hits, ‘El Pacificador’ arrives looking for trouble.

Written and (for the most part) directed by James Gunn, the series based on the antihero (or antivillain) created in the late 1960s by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette, takes place some time after the events of the film, and for This offers a brief summary of what was previously seen in Gunn’s cult film. Of course, don’t expect anyone to come up with anything new, but tons of fun.

Like all the imagery of the director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘The Peacemaker’ is a perfect jukebox of bad milk, parent-child trauma, wild hordes of villains, musicians and jokes so dirty that they could only be seen on a current screen through of a payment platform with parental control and the total creative freedom that DC has deposited in the filmmaker.

Gunn, who knows a bit about demystifying characters, does not hesitate to rescue the Watcher from the house (a true revelation of the series, Freddie Stroma) and give him a step on the screen that has nothing to do with the one that appeared in the universe. ‘Arrow’. In addition to the coolest-suited avenger of our childhood, the cast is rounded out by Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick or Jennifer Holland, all having a great time from a header that I highly doubt anyone will skip.

Another detail that draws attention is the appearance of Jody Hill to sign the fourth episode, key in the main and private plots of the characters, and which shows that the director of the extraordinary ‘Security Corps’, despite a last feature film that it is better to forget, he is a filmmaker who loves to coexist with characters with a high gray scale.

The Peacemaker‘ is funny, rude, certainly wild (James Gunn continues betting on the traditional carnaza) and absolutely eighties. What’s more, as the episodes progress and this group of lonely bastards embarks on a much bigger mission than they imagined, I couldn’t stop thinking about how successful their afternoon series spirit from our childhood is. Closer to ‘The A-Team’ than to the film that gave rise to the series, the new James Gunn is top-notch entertainment.