The owner is allegedly an ally of Putin, Man City is threatened with the same fate as Chelsea


Manchester City could share the same fate as Chelsea following allegations that its owner, Sheikh Mansour, is allying with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

As is known, Chelsea is threatened with bankruptcy as a result of the economic sanctions given by the British government to the Russian club owner, Roman Abramovich.

The British government argued that the sanctions imposed on Chelsea were the result of the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Abramovich’s close relationship with Vladimir Putin made the British government impose sanctions on Chelsea which will apply until they have a new owner.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine itself does not seem to have an impact on Chelsea alone. The latest round now involves the owner of Manchester City, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

According to Diario AS, a British politician recently made accusations against Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour, who has ties to Vladimir Putin and Syrian top brass, Bassar Al-Asaad.

The allegations began when the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates met last week with his colleague Bassar al-Asaad, who is the president of Syria and an ally of Vladimir Putin.

The meeting was immediately condemned by a British politician, namely Labor Party parliamentarian Chris Bryant, who is also chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group in Russia.

Chris Bryant accused Sheikh Mansour of failing to show his contribution to Russia’s peace efforts with Ukraine, by holding a meeting with Bassar al-Asaad.

Not only that, Chris Bryant also questioned whether the owner of Manchester City was “a person who deserves and deserves to own a football club.”

Man City could be in the same boat as Chelsea
“What don’t people know?” Chris Bryant told The Telegraph.

“There are savage and continuous killings taking place in Syria, perpetrated by Assad, and now Putin is doing the same in his war of barbaric aggression against innocent Ukrainian sovereignty,” continued Chris Bryant.

Manchester City, under the leadership of Sheikh Mansour, have become the fourth Premier League club to top the Deloitte Football Money League, the list of top performing football clubs in terms of revenue each year.

Man City’s earnings of £571.1 million during the 2020-21 season saw them rise from sixth to first for 2022.

Manchester City’s annual figures show a nearly 45-fold increase since the first year the Money League was released in the 1996-97 season.

However, if the British MP’s allegations are true, Sheikh Mansour and Manchester City could face economic sanctions by the British government.

It is not impossible, the status of the club which was originally rich changed drastically to poor due to the freezing of assets and restrictions on a number of club operations.

This is what is being experienced by Chelsea in the midst of Roman Abramovich’s efforts to find a potential new owner to save the West London club’s finances.

British government sanctions make Chelsea have to operate under a special license. As a result, their income is limited and a number of sponsors suspend their cooperation.

In addition, Chelsea is prohibited from selling match tickets, merchandise, making player transfers, and even extending player contracts.

Abramovich sells his assets at Chelsea
With conditions like this, Chelsea inevitably have to accept this situation and inevitably have to wait for the arrival of a new owner who is being selected.

Roman Abramovich will reportedly sell the Blues for a price range of 3 million to 4 billion pounds, or equivalent to IDR 56 to 74 trillion.

So far, there are already a number of investors who are ready to submit bids. For example, there is the Saudi Media Group which has reportedly submitted a bid of £2.7 billion (Rp50.8 trillion).

In addition there is also a friend of former US president Donald Trump, Woody Johnson, who will submit an offer worth 2 billion pounds (Rp 37.6 trillion).