The Other Side Movie Ready to Show in Cinemas, PH Gives Free Tickets


The Other Side is ready to be shown in theaters, PH is giving away free tickets.
The Other Side will be screened on March 17, 2022 in all USAn cinemas. Ahead of the screening of The Other Side, Lingkar Pictures distributed free tickets.
Adapted from Wattpad, The Other Side sold well and read 23 million times. Meanwhile, his novel also became a best seller at Gramedia.

The novel by Alya Ranti is ready to be screened in cinemas throughout USA starting March 17, 2022. Girry Pratama as producer of Lingkar Pictures, provides an opportunity for fans of The Other Side to get free tickets.

“The novel has been read 23 million times. It has increased 23 times. We join Universal Broker, whoever buys it will be given an account containing a balance of Rp. 100 thousand. Because there are many haphazard investments that are careless, so this is made clear because it is under the OJK, right. So clearly monitored,” said Girry Pratama at a virtual press conference.

Hendra Martono explained that because of the rise of fake stocks, he wanted to provide education on the existence of stock investments that were actually supervised by the OJK.

“Why is the focus on stocks, that a lot of fake investments are said to be investments, the right stock investments should instead be said to be gambling,” he explained.

The Other Side, which tells the various sides of teenagers, stars Syakir Daulay, Pamela Bowie, Amel Carla, Devina Karamoy, and Rizky Fachrel.

As a writer, Alya Ranti wants to give a moral message that is very close to today’s youth. The storyline is very close to the problems of today’s youth, even though it was written 4 years ago the number of readers continues to grow.

“Every character (in this novel) has a different side. About mental health, dealing with problems, being kind to other people. It is related to everyone, both teenagers and parents. That’s why many of the readers are parents and teenagers,” said Alya Ranti .

“So we can find out what the problems of teenagers today and in the past are, because the problems are different. Parents also have to know what kind of parenting is right, because parenting is very important because the problems of character are different,” he explained.