The organizers of TMA 2022 turned off the lights, interrupting the performances of IVE, TREASURE, (G)I-DLE

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The organizers of the “The Fact Music Awards 2022” (TMA 2022) made the audience, especially fans of IVE, TREASURE, (G)I-DLE indignant because of the unprofessional way of working when interrupt the group’s performance.

At the TMA 2022 award ceremony , during the performance of IVE, TREASURE, (G)I-DLE , the organizers came on stage to interrupt the performance. The staff asked the idols to stop performing, backstage, suddenly turning off the stage lights in the confusion of the idols, and just let the audience see the pre-recorded performance on the LED screen.

A staff member suddenly walked up to the stage, asking IVE to leave the stage while the group was performing .

TREASURE was performing JIKJIN when suddenly the stage lights were completely turned off and a staff member approached and asked the group to retreat to the back of the stage.

(G)I-DLE also encountered the same situation as TREASURE while performing TOMBOY

The audience thinks that the BTC TMA 2022 should warn the idols that they do not need to perform live with songs that have pre-recorded stages. In case the idols know this, but still want to perform at the stage for the audience to see live, the organizers should let the idol continue to perform in order to respect the decision of the artist and the audience.

The sudden act of turning off the lights and interrupting the performances of groups from the BTC side was criticized by netizens as unprofessional, belittling idols and the audience. Fans of TREASURE , IVE and (G)I-DLE have expressed their outrage at TMA 2022 and demanded an apology from the organizers to the idols and the audience.

On the other hand, at this year’s TMA , both TREASURE, IVE and (G)I-DLE won the Bonsang Artist of the Year category . IVE also won another trophy in the Next Leader Award category .