The One Piece author decided to end the manga right from the start!


It’s not a coincidence that the One Piece manga enters the final Saga and is about to end. In fact, Oda-sensei decided to end the story a long time ago. All current developments are going according to the author’s calculation!

For those who are fans of One Piece, surely the name Eiichiro Oda is no longer strange. With a burning passion for manga, Oda-sensei has pursued a career as a mangaka since a very young age. In 1997, he officially serialized One Piece in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Over 25 years, One Piece has had 1054+ chapters, adapted into 1000+ anime episodes and countless other anime movies. The outstanding success of One Piece has made Oda-sensei the most popular manga author in Japan at the moment.

With countless records and a strong fan community around the world, the ending of One Piece is always something that many people wonder. As long as the story lasts, fans have time to come up with their theories. According to Oda-sensei, he is afraid to read theories online because “maybe they will guess right”. In addition, he said he will not let anyone guess the plot correctly. If someone can do it, please change the content immediately!

Is that really true?

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Oda-sensei’s One Piece Creation Plan

In fact, the author Oda once gave a lot of sharing and the progress of his One Piece creation. In the first years, Oda-sensei did not intend to make the story too long, but only developed the story for about 5 years (somewhere 200 – 250 chapters). The first 1.5 years will be a journey to build ice, the next 3 years will be a journey into the New World, fighting the Yonko. The remaining time will be for the final fight. However, because One Piece has been so successful, plus there are still so many good ideas, Oda-sensei has expanded his story.

By 2002, the author Oda said it would take him about 20 years to draw everything he calculated. This revelation shows that all development of One Piece is in Oda-sensei’s plan. He had almost the entire story in mind and now all he had to do was execute it.

To prove his arrangement is real, author Oda announced that One Piece was 60% of its content in 2012, when the Punk Hazard arc ended. In 2014, Oda-sensei added that he would try to finish the story in 10 years.

After the release of One Piece 1053, Oda-sensei revealed that he would take a month’s break before entering the final One Piece Saga. It can be seen that the progress of the story is very consistent with the statements of the author. So did you really change the plot to avoid the fans’ predictions? The most logical answer is no. Oda-sensei has calculated everything very carefully and he has always believed in developing it over the years.

Recently, a source said that editor Iwasaki asked Oda-sensei if he would like to change the plot of One Piece if someone guessed the ending correctly. Oda explains that he refuses to change it under any circumstances.

With the return of One Piece 1054, Oda-sensei said “now is the real One Piece”. All mysteries will be solved in the final Saga. Of course, the audience will be watching a worthy conclusion to the author’s 25 years of content creation.

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