The Oldest Member of BTS Joined the Army, Fans Waited In Vain for a Farewell.


The oldest member of BTS joined the army, fans waited in vain for a farewell.

Kim Sok-shin canceled.   Deferred draft at the end of January 2022, and on Tuesday, December 13, he began his eighth compulsory military service.

Bts band said goodbye to their fans in October.  Her concert was attended by 50,000 people, and the show had 50 million viewers via the Internet.

Outside the door  The military center in jeoncheon on Tuesday watched the command and dozens of police, fans and journalists waited here, although the chorus authorities urged supporters not to go.  barrack

Frozen fans hope to at least see their idol and have the opportunity to say goodbye to him briefly in the car with the singer through the bag without stopping.

Oldest member of K-pop group BTS Jin (Seoul, 21.  May 2021)

Before joining the army, the singer took up the post.  Photos on social networks of his shaved head It is better.  I don’t think he commented on his unusual hairstyle, which  Many fans come from Sincerely in sight.

It’s straightforward, it’s not him at all, but there’s a completely different person, oh.   I don’t like you very much, I guess I’ll focus on another BTS member very quickly.  I did a lot when he looked like this, frustrated girls wrote a lot.  Comments on TikTok in videos with photos of seasoned singers.

Many female fans cannot accept the fact that they will not be able to see their idols on social networks or in concerts for many years.

Bts is looking forward to reuniting as a group after completing the service around 2025, she said.   HYBE Management Company

According to South Korea’s constitution, Muir had to begin his service.  Soldiers 18 and 21 months in Korea, another no more than the 28th century, are years old.  Notable musicians or athletes may apply. Postponed for two years.

Some athletes have won prizes in competitions. Olympics or major international competitions  Other leading musicians who have participated in classical music or dancers in the past are excluded or received.  Service significantly shortened Several South Korean officials this year called for this exemption to BTS members as well.      South Korea’s defense minister said in August that if BTS members apply to the military, they will be able to join the military.  They may be allowed to continue their musical careers and, in the case of touring around the world, will be able to join the rest of the group.

Mui, who is exempt, will be discharged from the South Korean military after three weeks of basic training.    At the same time, they also need to complete 544 hours of volunteer work and continue to work for at least 34 months in their career, thanks to which they are exempt.