The Most Uncomfortable Sex Position, Makes You Anxious and Depressed

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What is the most uncomfortable sex position ranked first?
Sex should help relieve stress and anxiety, not cause both. A recent survey revealed that there are sex positions that can make people feel depressed.

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Conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, a telemedicine company from London, England, this survey involved 1,000 people through a poll regarding the effect of various sexual activities on their level of emotional well-being.

To find out what are the styles of intimate relationships that make people uncomfortable, read more here, OK?

1. Sex positions 69 while standing

Combined data obtained from 500 Europeans and 500 Americans (US) showed that the sexual position 69 while standing was chosen as the most uncomfortable to do.

With the aim of giving each other oral sex together, this position requires the couple to put themselves in reverse. Generally, the man will lift the woman upside down, while the woman crosses her legs around the man’s neck.

This position where the feet and head of the partner are opposite is the origin of the name “69”, which reflects the position’s intimate movement. Unfortunately, this oral stimulation does require sufficient physical fitness and flexibility.

On that basis, the couple agrees that the standing sex position is the most stressful and anxiety-inducing. Nearly 43 percent of men surveyed ranked this style as the top most uncomfortable sex position, and 57 percent of women thought the same.

2. Anal sex

Indeed, anal sex is an intimate position that is quite popular. This variation of standing sex may sound exciting in theory, but it can also be more difficult to do than you think.

While men (30 percent) are a little hesitant about anal sex, women are more convinced that this sex position is uncomfortable. By getting 55 percent of the votes from women, it seems that making anal sex less attractive to women.

Even though this practice of intercourse is common, there are risks that should not be ignored. Anal sex has been shown to cause tearing of the anus if the receiving partner is not relaxed or uses insufficient lubricant. Referring to research results, sexual activity through the anus makes women experience the highest anxiety.

Apart from preventing partners from enjoying sexual intimacy, anal sex also increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections, such as rectal gonorrhea, anal chlamydia, and HIV. Worrying about these risks can also add to the emotional burden which has an impact on disturbing comfort during sexual intercourse.

3. The “wheelbarrow” sex position

The third tense sex position that is uncomfortable for your partner is kneeling wheelbarrow. According to its name, this style of lovemaking is like a “wheelbarrow while kneeling”.

Reported by Health, the kneeling wheelbarrow movement is an update from the classic missionary position which is more challenging. The man will kneel while facing his partner, while the woman lifts her pelvis and puts her feet on the man’s shoulder.

This position requires good stamina and body strength, so it’s quite troublesome if you and your partner are not used to exercising. Kneeling wheelbarrow was chosen by 25 percent of women and 19 percent of men as the least comfortable sex position to do.

4. The most comfortable sexual position

So, you don’t need to be too disappointed if your favorite sex position is in an uncomfortable category according to the survey. Because, from polling polls, there are also sex positions that are considered the least anxiety-provoking.

The sex positions are missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl. Through this survey, it is also known that there are different tendencies for preference for lovemaking styles based on gender.

Female respondents thought that sex positions, oral sex, and anal sex were favorites for their partners. This was confirmed by the majority of male respondents. Meanwhile, women said they preferred missionary, spooning, and cowgirl positions.

With different interests in this variety of sex positions, open communication is the best tool for exploring your partner’s body and finding new routes to sexual satisfaction.

From the results of a published survey, we know that 69 sex positions standing, anal sex, to kneeling wheelbarrow are considered the most uncomfortable sex positions.

The similarity of the three sex positions is that the movements are quite athletic and difficult to practice. For some people who lack confidence to try it, the activity can bring anxiety.

So, if you want to explore sexual activities that are relatively new in your relationship, be sure to have a discussion with them firsta couple, yes. Because mutual satisfaction must come first, right?