The Most Important Villains in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Anime


The villain character in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood often frustrates the audience. However, make no mistake, with the presence of these antagonist characters, they also build an important premise so that the story presented becomes even more exciting to watch.

Well, of the many villains in this anime, here are the five most important villains in the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime .

As the main villain in this anime series, Father is the mastermind of all the conspiracies that occur in the Amestris Country. Although initially he was just a small Homunculus trapped in a bottle, his manipulative nature was able to persuade Hohenheim to create a giant transmutation circle and eliminate the inhabitants of Xerxes without suspicion.

Even after gaining immortality and a body of his own, Father continues his heinous plan to eliminate the inhabitants of Amestris. Even so, his plan was finally thwarted by Ed and his friends.

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Envy is probably one of the most hated villain characters in this anime. How not, Envy is the main actor behind the Isvhal war that has killed many people.

With her ability to transform into other people, Envy transforms herself into one of Amestris’ soldiers and shoots a girl Isvhal in public. His actions angered the Ishvalans and sparked a war that should not have happened.

Sloths are not shown very often. However, this Homunculus has an important role in realizing Father’s plan.

Creating a giant transmutation circle would be impossible for an ordinary human to do. Because of that, Sloth was created to dig a circular hole under the Amestris Country’s soil. If there is no Sloth, of course the plans of Father and the Homunculus will be hampered, here.

King Bradley
King Bradley or Homunculus Wrath is also an important figure in the development of the storyline. Playing the role of the supreme leader of the country as well as a criminal, King Bradley makes all plans easier because he has the power to control the military.

Thanks to his absolute power, he can predict the plans of Roy Mustang’s team and divide the many parties who try to undermine Father’s plans.


Greed is a Homunculus created by Father. However, he is more free to move in his own group than with Father. After being defeated by King Bradley, Greed is then reborn by taking Ling Yao’s body and completely siding with Father.

Despite initially playing the villain, Greed ends up siding with Ed and helping defeat Father. If only Greed didn’t betray, of course the chances of Ed and his friends to defeat Father would be smaller, right?

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