The More Awaited, Here Are 4 Facts About Tokyo Revengers Live Action Film


The Asian cinema universe has just been shocked by the success of the live action Tokyo Revengers . How not, this work has become one of the most popular and best-selling films in Japan. Before the release of the live action version, the anime version first achieved success. In Indonesia, the Tokyo Revengers anime is always a trending topic on various social media platforms every week.

Good news for fans of Tokyo Revengers , this film will soon air in Indonesian cinemas, you know. While waiting for the release of this film, let’s take a look at some facts about Tokyo Revengers that you should know!


1. Synopsis
Tokyo Revengers tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old boy who lives an ordinary life. Takemichi spends his days working at a DVD rental shop. He likes to eat and just relax in his rented house.

One day he accidentally watches the news about the death of a woman in a mysterious accident. The woman turned out to be Hinata Tachibana who was his ex-girlfriend when he was a teenager.

After the news, Takemichi was about to go somewhere by train. Suddenly from behind someone pushed him onto the tracks just before the train crossed the tracks and hit Takemichi. However, it suddenly brought Takemichi to 10 years ago, when he was still in high school.

Takemichi then realizes that Hinata’s death is connected to everything that happened in the past. Therefore, he took advantage of this mysterious incident to help Hinata from his death and change the future for the better.

2. There are differences between manga and anime
Different from the original story in the manga or anime which tells the story of Takemichi and his friends in middle school, the live action version has a background in the past when Takemichi and his friends were in high school. Therefore, the cast of the Tokyo Revengers character is also adapted to the actors and actresses who are suitable for playing high school children.

This may be based on the story of Tokyo Revengers which raises the story of juvenile delinquency. Considering that junior high school students are still too young to practice some violent scenes, the producers and directors decided to change the original story a bit. Even so, the overall story of this live action remains the same as the anime and manga.


3. Huge success and become the highest-grossing Japanese live action film
Shifting the position of Rorouni Kenshin: The Final , the live action Tokyo Reveners has become Japan’s best-selling live action . Reported , live action genre action and sci-fi have managed to earn total revenues of 39.5 million US dollars or about Rp555 billion since its premiere on 9 July. Of course, this money value has not been the final amount of revenue because until now Tokyo Revengers is still broadcasting in several countries.

L ive action itself usually make the audience disappointed because it failed to provide the same story as in the manga she exclaimed. Then, what is the fate of Tokyo Revengers ? Can be a best-selling live action film , the director means that he managed to make this one film into an exciting show and very worth watching, right?

4. Trailer and showtimes
Anime and manga fans must have an idea about this live action , right? In the 1 minute 36 second trailer , there are several scenes that will appear in the film. At first glance, we can judge that this film presents an exciting story like in a manga. The shooting is also of good quality.

Thanks to the tremendous euphoria, there are so many requests for this film to be shown in Indonesia. Encore Films Indonesia as the distributor announced that the live action Tokyo Revengers is ready to air in Indonesian cinemas starting October 27.

Coming soon, definitely can’t wait to watch this one movie, right? However, don’t forget to maintain health protocols when going to your favorite cinema, OK!