The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Suriname condemns the Narco-Saints Drakor, judged to have damaged the country’s image


Narco-Saints is a Korean drama that was recently released by Netflix. The Korean drama is based on a true story.
Narco-Saints stars top actors. Among them Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Park Hae Soo, Jo Woo Jin, to Yoo Yeon Seok.

This drama aired for six episodes. Tells the story of an ordinary businessman who joins a secret government mission.

He was asked to arrest a Korean drug lord operating in Suriname, South America. Even though it is taken from a true story, there are still additional elements that are placed to create a dramatic effect through the figure of a drug lord wearing the guise of a priest.

Shortly after airing, Narco-Saints also stole the public’s attention. Not only because it is taken from a true story, but this series also provides excellent visuals with a number of complex and interesting characters.

However, Narco-Saints recently received the attention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Suriname, Albert Ramdin. Quoted from the Suriname Herald, the minister considered the depiction of the Korean drama to be damaging to the country’s image.

“Suriname is on the verge of crisis after its image was again tarnished by the Netflix TV series not too long ago. I will talk to South Korea about this issue,” said Minister Albert Ramdin.

Meanwhile, Netflix has yet to comment on this.

Narco-Saints is directed by Yoon Jong Bin, who was previously successful through The Spy Gone North. This series has been prepared for the past seven years, including a list of actors who he feels are suitable to play the characters.

To liven up the atmosphere of Suriname, which is the setting for the arrest of a drug kingpin from Korea, the production team chose the Dominican Republic as one of the main locations. However, due to COVID-19, filming had to be done partially on Jeju Island.