The millionaire figure that BTS charges to sing at your party


In order to have BTS, the popular South Korean Kpop group singing at your party, you will have to pay a millionaire sum of money. And it is obvious, the fame of the septet is enormous, so its value increases day by day.

For every ARMY it should be a dream for Bangtan to sing at their party, be it a wedding, birthday or any other event.

Being able to witness your favorite Kpop group could be one of your biggest wishes. However, the monetary cost that this means is quite high.

According to information provided and not confirmed by sources close to HYBE, it is estimated that BTS charges about 5 million dollars to sing at your wedding, your birthday or any private concert. ONE MILLION!

In addition, the money must be paid in advance, and also take into account that the members of the group travel with a large team of personnel, which ranges from technical equipment, makeup and wardrobe personnel, etc.

So now we know, in order to have BTS at our party, we will have to save a lot, a lot, or save a lot of money to be able to travel and see them in the country or city where they could give a concert in the future.