‘The Mechanic’: a powerful thriller that marks one of the pinnacles of Jason Statham’s “genre”


Jason Statham is supposed to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Few actors, if any, are qualified to be the great action heroes of American cinema. It’s true that his popularity has been on the rise lately after signing with the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise, but before that there were years where he often gave off a very wasted feeling.

To that stage belongs to ‘The Mechanic’ , an update of ‘Coldly … for no personal reasons’ , a film starring Charles Bronson in 1972, which airs tonight on Antenna 3 starting at 22:45. However, this film ended up being one of the examples of such a subgenre in Statham-led action cinema, and also one of the most entertaining.

Statham above average

Statham plays a methodical hitman in ‘The Mechanic’ whose life changes when he takes on his mentor’s (Ben Foster) son (Donald Sutherland), who longs to avenge his father’s death. That’s where it functions best, as the friendship that emerges between the two characters helps break the film from the monotony that could easily fall apart.

And beyond that we find a functional thriller with fetish actor Guy Ritchie who demonstrates his skills for action scenes, but does so in a cold and almost distant way. It’s something that fits better here than in other similar characters, but it serves every time to remind us that we’re watching a Jason Statham movie.

It transfers to the film on all levels, prioritizing precision and trying to get to the heart every time. Therefore, the recording doesn’t even reach 90 minutes, as it tries not to give the viewer leeway through a dynamic rhythm that serves to entertain us.

There, Simon West’s staging was a bit disappointing, who was surprised by the fairly clean and clear execution of the action sequences in ‘Con Air (Convicts in the air)’, but here he picks up a certain trend. an overdose of destruction and change of planes serves to create the illusion of spectacularity. More specifically, it was during melee moments like the fight between Foster and one of his goals.

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For the rest, what we have here is an effective thriller to express Statham’s charisma which has been shown on many occasions which shines even more when it has some comical overtones – the rest of the time there tends to be a sense that he exists. very cool. more than the films he leads. There’s a bit of that here, but instead it offers a whimsical exploration of male friendship that gives the story a different kind of energy.

Nor is it very deep, but more than enough to stand out above other vehicles designed for the Statham look. And of course, it also helps to have Foster, an actor who deserves a better career than he has.

‘The Mechanic’ didn’t really get a good reception by the public, as it cost 40 million dollars and then went in at 76 during its run through theaters. However, good reception in the domestic market led to a premiere five years after ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’, a weak sequel that enjoyed greater success – it cost the same and grossed 125 million – than the existing film.