The Matrix 4 Trailer Launches, Keanu Reeves Looks Like John Wick


After many film lovers considered The Matrix 4 project to be just a rumor, Warner Bros. finally released the first trailer for the film, officially titled The Matrix Resurrections, on Thursday (9/9/2021).

Not only Keanu Reeves who appeared in the trailer for the film, which was directed by Lana Wachowski again. Actress Carrie-Anne Moss is back playing the character Trinity.

Interestingly, in this trailer, Keanu Reeves is seen leaving Neo’s hair long with a thin beard like the character John Wick who is also being played by the actor .

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Don’t know each other
Interestingly, in this trailer it is shown that Neo and Trinity initially lived their own lives. In fact, Trinity and Neo didn’t even know each other when they met.

New Character
In addition to the two old characters, the trailer also shows new characters played by Jessica Henwick and Yahya Abdul Mateen II. The character that Yahya plays is reminiscent of Morpheus.

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Lots of Special Scenes of The Matrix
In the middle to the end of the trailer, various typical action scenes of The Matrix are highlighted. Starting from spectacular fights, gunfights, until Neo’s power is shown in the world of the Matrix.

Broadcast This Year
No need to wait long to watch The Matrix Resurrections. Warner Bros. plans to release it on December 22, 2021 in theaters and on the HBO Max platform.

Keanu Reeves Returns as Neo in The Matrix 4

Keanu Reeves will return as Neo in The Matrix 4 which is currently in pre-production. The John Wick star will also be accompanied by a partner from the previous trilogy, Carrie-Anne Moss.

In addition to Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix 4 will also mark the return of Lana Wachowski as director and screenwriter.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight , Keanu Reeves was asked about The Matrix 4 . He also admitted that he had read the script and was impressed with its contents.

“Very ambitious. That’s how it should be!” Keanu Reeves said about The Matrix 4 while attending the screening of the film Semper Fi, which was produced by his younger sister, Karina Miller.

Filming Next Year

character depicted in The Matrix 4 scenario .

The Matrix 4 is scheduled to start production in 2020. Meanwhile, the chairman of Warner Bros., Tob Emmerich, supports the return of the actors and directors from the previous trilogy.

The franchise film The Matrix tells the story of the struggle of a computer expert named Neo (Keanu Reeves) who does not realize that he is living in an illusory world in his mind.

After awakening, it seems that Neo’s body has been in the future, in the post-destruction era of the world. He and several other people with the same fate made a move to fight the culprit of all this.

VIDEO: The Matrix 4 Releases First Trailer, Ready to Air December 22, 2021

Warner Bros. released the first trailer for the film, officially titled The Matrix Resurrections, on Thursday (9/9/2021). Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are back in the trailer for the film, directed by Lana Wachowski.