The “Marvel Batman”, a preview of the Moon Knight, has arrived


Oscar Isaac plays the superhero also referred to as Marvel’s Batman, played by his opponent Ethan Hawke.

After Star Wars , Oscar Isaac also joined another huge Disney franchise as he joined the MCU as Moon Knight. Because of the similarities, the troubled superhero, also known as Marvel Batman, created by writer Doug Moench and draftsman Don Perlin, originally appeared in 1975 in Werewolf by Night .In the 35th edition of the comic book series, as the opponent of the title character’s werewolf, he later ran longer and shorter solo series, and at the very beginning of his solo stories he received his special story of origin: Due to the grim mood of the Moon Knight, who doesn’t have superpowers anyway, he was never one of Marvel’s most popular characters, which is why it might be particularly interesting to be enlisted in the MCU superhero crew.

Written by Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) and The Infinite , Rebirth and Sacrifice , Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead , as well as Mohamed Diab (Chaos) , the six-episode mini-series, which debuted on March 30 at Disney + -you. The protagonist is played by Ethan Hawke, who was modeled after David Koresh, the infamous sect leader who died in the famous siege of Waco.

WandaVision , Falcon and Winter Soldier , Loki , What if …? After the Falcon Eye with the Moon Knight , MCU continues to weave its streaming network, and anyone who wants to stay in the increasingly complex world of the Marvel Universe will have to watch the series (and subscribe to Disney + this year). can also be done) to stay in the picture. And later this year, She-Hulk , Ms. Marvel , Secret Invasion , maybe the second season of Loki , and the Galaxy Guardians will arrive in December. Christmas special edition, not to mention movies.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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