The Luckiest K-Pop Fandom NCTzen, Everywhere There’s NCT 127!


NCT 127 has just finished their concert in Singapore and greeted fans who had missed their stage appearance. Of course, as usual, USAn fans invaded the Lion Country to watch NCT 127 at the NEO CITY: SINGAPORE – THE LINK concert . Now another good news has been given by the SM Entertainment group :
Previously, it was busy circulating on social media the silhouette of a group with nine members. Many are guessing who the figure behind the silhouette is and now it’s been revealed that they are NCT 127. Once again, Taeyong Cs has become the face for product brands marketed to USA so that fans can feel closer to them.

This time, NCT 127 was invited to become the brand ambassador of Click Natural Whitening Toothpaste toothpaste, the first K-Oral Care brand in USA. The nine NCT 127 members represent seven variants of this toothpaste that NCTzen can choose according to their biases. Taeyong-Taeil, Haechan, Johnny, Mark-Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Yuta, and Doyoung have their own favorite variants.

Fun packaging with bright colors is also the identity of Click products. It is certain that NCTzen will hunt for the strong enamel protection variant because it has a color similar to the color of the NCTzen fandom. Doyoung is the face in this variant, you know!

NCT 127 was chosen as the brand ambassador because it has a different impression from other K-Pop groups. This difference is the common thread that unifies NCT 127 with Click, which can now be ordered on all e-commerce sites.

“NCT 127 has the same strategy and vision with our brand, Different. They have tried and tasted the difference between our product and other oral care products, they love it,” said Marcheilla, brand marketing manager of Click.

Click with NCT 127 is here to change the old habits of USAn people in maintaining oral health. From the results of the 2018 Basic Health Research on 300 thousand household samples, as quoted from the official website of the USAn Ministry of Health, it was recorded that the correct tooth brushing behavior was only 2.8%. In addition, the wrong habits of USAns are also not routinely changing toothbrushes within a maximum period of 4 months according to the ADA (American Dental Association) recommendation.

This is not the first time NCT 127 has been recruited for a brand marketed in USA. Previously, NCT 127 had also been the face of a soft drink product. In addition, the NCT Dream sub-unit has also been a brand ambassador for instant noodle products. NCTzen can be the luckiest fandom category because NCT is everywhere!

NCT 127 is currently on the NEO CITY – THE LINK tour. Their concert in Singapore attracted 9 thousand spectators in a concert event on Saturday (2/7/2022). There is a possibility that this concert will also be held in USA considering that this year there have been several K-Pop events that have been announced to be held. Before meeting NCT 127 later, it’s time to take care of your dental and oral health.