The Lost City movie review


A mix of romantic comedy and adventure in the wild

Which of you doesn’t enjoy romantic-themed films because you don’t like to see funny stories or scenes? The good news is, you can enjoy The Lost City without worrying that you will feel cringe because you see the intimate scenes. You see, this film presents elements of adventure that dominate the storyline.

In order to carry out her plan to find treasure in a lost city, Abigail takes Loretta forcibly to a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean. Then, Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum), the cover model for Loretta’s novel, is desperate to follow the island to save Loretta. The problem is, both Loretta and Alan simply don’t have the ability to survive in the wild.

The adventures of Loretta and Alan who are completely blind in the face of the wild are what make The Lost City hilarious. Plus, Loretta and Alan have to be smart to avoid being chased by Abigail’s men who are clearly more experienced in wading through the wild. For those who don’t really like romantic films, the adventure elements presented in The Lost City are guaranteed to keep you enthusiastic about watching the film until it’s finished.

Present the formula for romantic comedy stories in general, without anything special

There is no doubt that The Lost City is a very entertaining film. Watch this film when you are looking for a light film that can make you laugh without thinking. You don’t need to think too much about the plot of the film because The Lost City features a story formula that you usually find in various romantic comedies.

The film begins with Loretta who is always bothered by Alan’s presence. Then, Loretta and Alan’s adventures on a desert island bring them closer together until the seeds of love emerge between them. The storyline is so commonplace, right, for a romantic comedy? To be sure, you will not find anything special from the storyline of this film.

However, this plot template problem shouldn’t be a problem because The Lost City features a comedy that fits and doesn’t seem cheap. In addition, most of the characters have strong characteristics so their silliness doesn’t feel stupid either.

The perfect chemistry of Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt who stole the show

It’s no exaggeration to mention Sandra Bullock as one of the experts in the romantic comedy genre. Even at the age of 57 years, Bullock’s appearance is still charming as the main character of The Lost City. In addition, the chemistry between Bullock and Channing Tatum really builds well in this film.

Tatum managed to balance his appearance with Bullock. His character Tatum (Alan) who is naive but reckless feels so fitting when paired with his character Bullock (Loretta) who is smart but always cynical. Because it fits, you won’t feel the age difference between Bullock and Tatum.

Among all the actors who played The Lost City, Brad Pitt, who only appeared as a cameo, managed to steal the show. Those of you who rarely see Pitt’s appearance in comedy films are guaranteed to be amazed by Pitt’s hilarious actions in this film. Moreover, you may be made to laugh out loud with the overall appearance of Pitt’s brief role as Jack Trainer.

The Lost City can be regarded as a breath of fresh air in the midst of the many superhero, action, and fantasy films that have now dominated the cinema. The funny storyline, thrilling adventures, and harmonious performances of the actors make this film a complete entertainment package