The long-awaited return. BLACKPINK are back with new album “BORN PINK”

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The most popular k-pop girlband in the world made its fans wait a long time for new music. Almost 2 years have passed since the release of their previous release “THE ALBUM“. By K-pop industry standards, that’s quite a lot.

BLACKPINK is a Korean girlband that has been breaking popularity records for years. It has a huge and global fanbase, and their music also appeals to people who previously didn’t appeal to k-pop music. The group has not released new material for two years, and finally in the second half of August they released their first single “Pink Venom”, which heralded a new LP.

BORN PINK” is the girlsband’s first release in two years
The album includes 8 songs, and the first single “Pink Venom” broke new popularity records. The song topped the Billboard Global 200 list and peaked at number 1 in Spotify ‘s World Top Songs , accumulating 7.9 million streams in the first 24 hours.

The second single that was released on the day of the album’s premiere is “Shut Down”. We can hear the violin motif from “La campanelli”, a classic piece by the Italian composer Niccolò Paganini.

It is also a writing debut for one of the four members of the band – Rosé. Together with Jisoo she wrote the lyrics for the song “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, which we will find on the band’s new album. Jisoo had already worked on the lyrics on the album “The Album”, where she wrote the lyrics for “Lovesick Girls”.

However, according to the American weekly Time magazine , the new album is not a new chapter in the band’s music. The author of the review points out that the album is full of well-known sounds from the first album, and the girlsband’s music is released very rarely compared to other international stars. She was even tempted to say that the band is more of a “brand” than “band” by listing the various collaborations of singers that have taken place recently. He describes them not in music evolving in words: their music now serves to strengthen their reputation as a brand, not the other way around.

BLACKPINK will also embark on an international tour which they describe as the largest in the history of any k-pop girlband. In Europe, the team will visit Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris , Barcelona and London.