The Leader of the Ax Gang in Kung Fu Hustle Turns out to be a Bruce Lee fan


Remember the movie Kung Fu Hustle? One of Stephen Chow’s works which was released in 2004 is classified as a successful film in the market. Although overall this film has an action genre, Kungfu Hustle is also shrouded in comedy scenes in it. An example is the scene played by an actor named Kwok Kwan Chan, a leader of the ax gang in the film.
He is actively playing in action films. Apparently, he has martial arts skills because he likes the figure of Bruce Lee.

Danny Chan Kwok Kwan is a Hong Kong actor and singer. Even though in the film Kungfu Hustle he plays the leader of an ax gang, many of his scenes managed to shake the stomach of the audience. Not only in Kung Fu Hustle, Danny has also played in another Stephen Chow film entitled Shaolin Soccer.

Selian, often playing in action films, Danny is also known for having martial arts skills that resemble Bruce Lee.

He even had a role as Bruce Lee in the series The Legend of Bruce Lee in 2008 and Ip Man. Apparently, this 46-year-old man has martial arts skills because he is amazed by his idol figure, namely Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee has indeed become one of the most influential actors of his generation. His acting skills and martial arts are the hallmarks of Asian characters in both series and films.

Therefore, Danny really idolizes the figure of Bruce Lee. He even had the opportunity to play the role of Bruce Lee in several films.

Danny is also often said to be similar to Bruce Lee through his appearance in martial arts. Not only similar, Danny apparently also likes to practice Jeet Kun Do like Bruce Lee. He can even imitate Bruce Lee’s signature scream.