The latest ‘super hot’ reveal about BABYMONSTER, the ‘mainstream sister’ is considered the successor to BLACKPINK


After 7 years, YG Entertainment launched the next girl group after BLACKPINK – BABYMONSTER. Although the information about the members has not been officially announced, netizens have soon discovered the “extreme” background of BABYMONSTER.

Video Chikita – Live Performance on its official blog. Chiquita covered Lim Jun-geol’s Bedroom (Feat. Anne-Marie) in her own color . Chiquita, from Thailand, is 13 years old and the youngest of the BABYMONSTER trainees revealed so far. YG also announced that they will introduce BABYMONSTER members in turn through continuous promotions. There are a total of 7 members, after Haram, Ahyeon and Chiquita, the remaining 4 members’ information will be gradually revealed.

From December 30, when YG Entertainment was still the focus of the media when a series of artists announced the termination of their contracts, the company suddenly published a poster “YG NEXT MOVEMENT”, revealing about the upcoming girl group. . On the poster are silhouettes of 7 female members.

As promised, at exactly 0:00 (local time) on January 1, YG opened the official YouTube channel for BABYMONSTER and released the first teaser titled “YG NEXT MOVEMENT” when the whole Korea was welcoming the New Year.

The clip shares images of BABYMONSTER practicing, while their YG Entertainment seniors WINNER, BLACKPINK, and AKMU give the group praise . YG’s founder and joint producer, Yang Hyun Suk, introduced them by saying, “You can see the group as the kids with the YG genes.”

Lee Seung Hoon (WINNER) praised the members ‘ excellence in skills, and Lee Suhyun (AKMU) added, “They are very good at expressions and gestures that make others fall in love.” Kang Seung Yoon (WINNER) expressed his surprise that the group has so many good members, and Lee Chan Hyuk (AKMU) commented, “It is very difficult to have an excellent group like BABYMONSTER in Korea.

Dance coach Leejung commented, “The biggest strength of the group is that you can really see the determination in each eye.” Lisa (BLACKPINK) shared, “All seven members get along very well” and Jennie also agreed with this.

Yang Hyun Suk added, “Just like how the members have shocked me in the monthly reviews for the past four years, I hope that the group will become stars that shock the world. I hope the group will receive good and proper reviews.”

Although the information about the members has not been officially announced, netizens have soon discovered the “extreme” background of BABYMONSTER.

Extremely quickly, “Red Shirt Girl” Jung Ah Hyeon attracted attention with her beautiful appearance through the introductory teaser. It is known that Ah Hyeon was born in 2007 and comes from Chuncheon, Gangwon. Successfully passed the entrance exam to Hanlim Art High School. There are also rumors that Ah Hyeon was originally a JYP trainee, but transferred to YG around 2019.

Ah Hyeon’s everyday images are even more surprising with the mischievous beauty and temperament of this 15-year-old girl. Many people think that Ah Hyeon has a similar beauty to many celebrities such as Jennie and Rosé (BLACKPINK), Jihyo (TWICE), Dasom (SISTAR), Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM)…

The candidate for the ‘visual’ position with Ah Hyeon is Asa member. According to information posted on Twitter, Asa’s full name is Sakamoto Asa, born in 2005 and from Japan. Asa is also said to have appeared in TREASURE’s “I Love You ” MV.

Dain, a member born in 2008 of BABYMONSTER, was also discovered by netizens as a child model. Notably, she is also a model belonging to the same club as NewJeans’ “Maknae” Hyein and a former member of the group U.SSO Girl.

BABYMONSTER seems to have gathered “child models” when the next member to be identified, Shin Haram, taking on the position of singing and dancing, has also been doing commercials since childhood.

Next is the girl born in 2004, Mirin, who has Japanese nationality and is expected to belong to BABYMONSTER’s “elder sister”. In the introductory video, Mirin impresses with her powerful and decisive dancing skills.

Since Lisa (BLACKPINK) made a “revolution” when she became the first Thai female idol YG released, it seems that this “big man” has paid attention to young factors in the land of golden pagodas. more when BABYMONSTER has 2 Thai members.

One of them is a girl with outstanding blonde hair, who is guessed by netizens to be Canny and will take the stage name Chikita. Canny exudes an extremely luxurious and confident aura. She had many famous cover videos online before joining YG, many people thought that Canny would take the main dance position in BABYMONSTER.

The last member is “little Lisa” Pharita Chaikong. Pharita is one of two Thai members of BABYMONSTER. The female trainee was born in 2005 and had many “terrible” achievements before officially participating in training at YG.

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Before joining YG, Pharita was also a child model. She used to be the Champion of Inter Model Thailand contest . In 2021, Pharita is one of the contestants of Thailand’s Idol Paradise survival show .

Originally the name BABYMONSTER was for BLACKPINK, but it has been “hidden” until now for the new generations of YG. Netizens have huge expectations for BABYMONSTER.

In addition, on the social network, there is information that the youngest member of the BABYMONSTER lineup was born in 2009. This has caused a great controversy when from large companies to small companies, the entertainment environment of Korea is increasingly young, with the desire to “extend the life” of groups.