The Jungle Book; Not a Story About Tarzan


Many people think (including me at first) that “The Jungle Book” is the same film as “The Legend of Tarzan” which was also released this year, but this is another story that focuses on a little boy named Mowgli. Although they both tell the story of a human child left in the forest, the difference in this film’s story is that Mowgli is rescued by a panther named Bagheera and then placed in a pack of wolves to be raised by a female wolf named Raksha.

The setting of The Jungle Book is set in a fable world, where all the animals in the forest are afraid of humans because of the “Red Flowers” that humans produce. But whether Mowgli is still a child or because of the influence of Bagheera and a pack of wolves led by a male wolf named Akeela, almost all the animals accept Mowgli, before finally a tiger named Shere Khan reminds how dangerous humans are when they grow up.

The plot in this film is very interesting in my opinion and Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Zathura) is very good at directing this film. The cast of this film is also fitting in carrying out their respective roles. Neel Sethi successfully brought Mowgli, Idris Elba voiced Shere Khan the tiger whose voice sounded intimidating. Ben Kingsley voices Bagheera the panther with a voice that is like a wise leader (?), and each of the other actors and actresses who voice their roles in this film include Scarlett Johansson who voices a snake named Kaa and is cool when it comes to telling origins. – suggested Mowgli (because Scar-Jo’s voice is really sexy).

Besides that, the coolest thing in this film is the use of CGI which is very, very good, the details for each animal are really stunning. Even small details like feathers moving in the wind can be clearly seen, and they dare to use the day setting, and the great thing about their CGI still looks real. Because of the fact that CGI is being used, I feel like it’s not CGI but a real animal. And because of this neat CGI reason, I suggest watching it on a 3D screen to make it even more fun.

But this film can not be separated from the shortcomings according to my personal observations. Some of the plot feels less ‘in’, and a little annoying. One of them is Shere Khan who is said to be an animal that does not follow the laws of the forest and is ‘hunting for fun’, but when he wants to kill Mowgli he waits at the wolf’s headquarters hoping that Mowgli will return to the den and then orders the wolf to bring Mowgli back. The other plot holes are related to monkeys, but if you tell them it looks like a spoiler, so just watch it for yourself hahaha. Yes, maybe the plot hole is because this is a film adaptation of a book and the remake is made into a live action from an animated film with the same title, which I honestly haven’t read/watched. Overall this is a good film that is well worth watching.