The Joker’s Background in The Batman Finally Revealed by the Director!


At the end of the film The Batman (2022), you can find a very interesting scene because it shows such a mysterious figure in Arkham prison. The mysterious figure is a neighbor of Riddler’s cell and he also invites Riddler to chat. Without needing to guess any longer, director Matt Reeves finally confirmed that the mysterious character who was with the Riddler was the Joker.

Although the Joker has been featured in The Batman, the director does not guarantee that the Joker will be made as the main villain in the next film. However, Reeves doesn’t mind explaining the background of the Joker in The Batman, which according to him has not completely transformed into the Joker when he appears in the film.

Through his video interview with Den of Geek, Reeves said, “The Joker’s appearance at the end of the film is actually more contextual. So, I can’t say whether we will bring Joker specifically or not. What you see in the movie is actually a pre-Joker Joker.”

“Obviously, the Joker has a congenital disease, like in the movie The Phantom of the Opera (2004). He couldn’t help but smile and this condition would shape his nihilistic worldview. He will have a dangerous understanding of human nature. That’s where this psychology comes from and shapes who this Joker will be,” Reeves continued.

Another interesting fact is that the Joker is one of the villains that Batman has faced in his first year as a vigilante. That was why, he was already in Arkham prison with the Riddler. What’s even more surprising is that Reeves actually made a scene where Batman and Joker met in the film. However, he decided to cut the scene in the final result of the film.