The Invisible Man’s Initial Review, The Universal Curse Is Finally Gone


The curse for Universal Pictures seems to have begun to lessen. The reason is, the Shared Dark Universe which is still being continued after the failure of The Mummy has produced impressive results.

One of the newest films they have just released is The Invisible Man . This film is indeed a retelling of invisible human characters but with a new story. Then, why do we say this film got such impressive results? Let’s see the review below.

Will be Certified Fresh from Rotten Tomatoes

The film has already made its initial screenings and several countries have started showing it in theaters. From there, of course, we can see the initial reviews given by the critics. If you look at the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, The Invisible Man has considerable strength with a rating of 86 percent.

As of this writing, there have been around 36 reviews that have been submitted. When looking at the comparison, there are 31 critics who gave positive reviews while the rest gave negative reviews. The audience version itself will not appear because this film is only scheduled to be released in domestic theaters on 28 February.

The Invisible Man is quite surprising because it gets a high rating with an R-Rated film rating. The rating obtained is very much different from other universal reboot films, namely The Mummy . The film, starring Tom Cruise, was a critical failure by only getting a rating of 16 percent of the critics and 35 percent of the audience.

Contents of The Invisible Man Review

From this initial review, the film received some fresh reviews from top critics such as The Guardian, The Warp, Variety, and the Hollywood Reporter. Most of them praised the story made by director Leigh Whannell.

William Bibbiani of The Warp said, “Whannell’s clever screenplay knows that audiences will follow Cecilia, and the gruesome shooting is also in it. Many scenes show cinematographer Stefan Duscio’s frame lists, with a clear purpose, to one side or another.”

While this is a suspenseful horror film, other critics say there’s a message it conveys about a relationship that makes the story particularly memorable. The Invisible Man itself is scheduled to be released on February 26 in Indonesian cinemas.

With this initial success for The Invisible Man, hopefully Universal’s shared universe film will bounce back and be able to deliver other quality films. What do you think about this one film, are you interested in watching it? Don’t forget to leave a comment below.