The Importance of Sanji’s New Powers for the Straw Hat Crew in One Piece


Sanji probably hated the power that had just risen from within him. To him, that power only reminded him of the cruelty of his father and family he had endured as a child. In fact, that power is actually important to him and the Straw Hat crew.

In One Piece , Sanji is a member of the Straw Hat Monster Trio alongside Luffy and Zoro. The three of them represent the strength and power of the pirates. However, Sanji’s newly awakened power could threaten his very existence in that small group.

To quote CBR, fans believe that Sanji will no longer be a part of the Monster Trio because he will no longer be the third strongest crew. The presence of Jimbe and maybe Yamato in the Straw Hats will make Sanji easily kicked out of the trio. Moreover, Sanji hasn’t had many moments to shine yet.

However, with the rise of his Germa 66 powers, Sanji might be able to shake off those doubts. With his increased strength and exoskeleton in charge of his brothers’ “iron” bodies, Sanji’s physical abilities are now on a new level. Out of all of that, he even had a healing factor, which could allow him to quickly repair broken bones and other injuries more quickly than ordinary humans.

Only, until now, it was unknown which unique ability he had access to. The four siblings each have unique powers. Reiju has the power of Poison Pink, Ichiji has Sparking Red, Niji has Electric Shock Blue and Yonji has Winch Green.

So, it’s not impossible that Sanji will have his own name. Apparently, it will be related to Stealth Black’s name—the name of a character in the fictional comic starring Germa 66—because the Attack Costume has the same name as the comic. It was also possible that it was his Diable Jamble technique. Even Queen was confused how he could do it.

Sanji’s ambush costume has proven to be a great piece of equipment for Sanji. The costume increased his physical strength and gave him the ability to fly. Sanji also becomes a bigger threat to his enemy. The costume also made him invisible.

It is unknown how Sanji’s body will now react to the ambush costume. And, how Sanji’s new power will affect the costume’s abilities. Everything was clearly visible even without using it, Sanji’s body was resistant enough that his skull was able to shatter Queen’s sword to pieces. Sanji himself seemed oblivious to the attack.

With this update, it’s easy to forget that Sanji is a Haki user. As the greatest power used in the New World, with its effectiveness higher than Devil Fruits, it makes sense that Sanji is capable of using Haki. Now Sanji’s fighting potential gets a big boost thanks to his upgrades.

Before his body rose, Sanji was actually quite strong. He was able to defeat his brother, Yonji, and proved to be stronger than his father, Judge. Now, he approaches the fight in much the same way as Luffy. By combining his Haki and his body’s unique abilities, he can gain power greater than himself or his family members.

While, with all these new abilities helping to cement Sanji as one of the Pirate King’s companions, it also helps bridge the gap between him and Zoro. Since the Alabasta Saga, Zoro and Sanji’s rivalry has continued to emerge in the crew’s dynamics. Unfortunately, Zoro also looks to be at a higher level.

Even so, now, Sanji’s body is clearly more durable than the others, including Luffy and Zoro. Moreover, this new power of his appeared without any effect on him and was always active. With this, Sanji clearly stood comfortably among the Trio of Monsters.

Sanji is one of the strongest members of the Straw Hats and in the New World. Now, Sanji can definitely match someone like Zoro, especially when he’s wearing an ambush costume.