The Ice Age squirrel moment makes a big disaster because it chases nuts


1. Stranded in the future and triggers a volcanic explosion

At the end of the first Ice Age film, Scrat is seen frozen in a block of ice chasing nuts. Even more surprising, Scrat turned out to be frozen for 20,000 years after the events of the Ice Age. The block of ice containing Scrat and his nuts then washes up on a tropical island. The hot air obviously makes the ice cubes slowly melt.

When half of Scrat’s body had not melted, the nuts were carried away by the ocean waves. Frustrated Scrat then banged his head against a coconut tree until one coconut fell from the tree.

The fallen coconut is considered a new “nut” for Scrat. As usual, Scrat immediately stuck the coconut into the ground. Well, this action creates cracks that continue to spread to the volcano and trigger eruptions.

2. Breaking up the continents on Earth

Those of you who like geophysics certainly know about the theory about Pangea, which is a supercontinent where all the continents on Earth became one unit 300 million years ago. Well, in the Ice Age universe, Scrat turned out to be the cause of Pangea split into seven continents like the current state of Earth.

In the early part of the film Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012), Scrat returns to his habit of sticking his nuts into the ground. Because of his habit, Scrat split the mountain and the squirrel fell into the Earth’s core. In pursuit of the beans, Scrat ran over the Earth’s core to make the Earth’s core spin.

The Earth’s core is constantly rotating, creating many large cracks in the Earth’s surface. These cracks split Pangea into seven continents. Scrat’s behavior is the source of problems for the main characters throughout Ice Age: Continental Drift.

3. Destroy the Scratlantis civilization

Having divided the continent at the beginning of Ice Age: Continental Drift, Scrat is again making chaos at the end of the film. Midway through the film, Scrat finds a map leading to Scratlantis. After going through various obstacles, Scrat finally arrives at Scratlantis at the end of the film. The place turned out to be occupied by intelligent and civilized squirrels.

Scratlantis is also filled with lots of acorns. Scrat who was still primitive became hyperactive by carelessly picking up the nuts in Scratlantis, until he finally found a very large bean stuck in a hole. Seeing the big bean, Scrat of course couldn’t resist the urge to pull it out of the hole.

Who would have thought, the big bean turned out to be a drain plug. Because Scrat unplugged the aqueduct, Scratlantis drowned and his civilization was destroyed. Having destroyed civilization, Scrat still can’t get the nuts!

4. Sending meteors to Earth

Splitting the continent of Pangea was not the only extraordinary disaster that occurred because of Scrat’s actions! You may have heard the theory about the extinction of ancient creatures caused by the fall of a meteor to Earth. In Ice Age: Collision Course, Scrat turns out to be the main cause of the meteor falling to Earth!

Due to sticking his nuts as usual, Scrat accidentally activates a UFO frozen in a giant iceberg and goes into space. You can imagine how chaotic outer space is, especially since Scrat can’t control his UFO and crashes into various planets and asteroids.

As if he didn’t give up, Scrat again stuck his nuts into a giant asteroid. His actions split the asteroid into two parts and one part of the asteroid became a meteor that slid toward Earth. Yep, Scrat’s behavior this time became a source of trouble throughout the Ice Age: Collision Course!

5. Make Mars an uninhabitable planet

Already messing up the Earth at the beginning of the film Ice Age: Collision Course, Scrat turns out to be causing chaos on other planets as well! At the end of the film Ice Age: Collision Course, Neil deBuck Weasel reveals that Mars actually had conditions similar to Earth’s billions of years ago. So, what makes Mars a red and uninhabited planet?

The reason that made Mars an uninhabited planet was none other than Scrat’s doing! Scrat, who can’t control his UFO, accidentally slides and crashes into Mars. The collision made by Scrat instantly removed all water sources on Mars, made the planet’s soil barren, and destroyed all living things there.