The Home Alone film series is a series of American Christmas family comedies


The movies were created by John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus, Raja Gosnell, Peter Hewitt, and Dan Mazer. The first film was a sequel that was released in 1990. The second film was directed by Mike White. In addition to Christopher Columbus, the series has also been produced by Dan Mazer and Peter Hewitt.

This movie has been rated PG-13 and is not suitable for families. There are no PG-13-rated scenes, although audiences will find them entertaining. The storyline revolves around an introverted Finn who moves into a new house with his family. He is unaware that his new house used to be a mansion owned by a notorious gangster. A trio of thieves breaks into the home, and they want a famous lost painting that hangs in a speakeasy. Unfortunately for Finn, the burglars are not ghosts, but he thinks they are ghosts, and sets traps for them.

While the first two movies focused on Kevin, the second film centers on a kid named Alex Pruitt, who has chickenpox. He accidentally counts heads during a vacation, but soon learns that being left alone is not so fun. He sets up booby traps to catch the criminals. However, he can’t keep his family safe, and he must return to his old life to save his family.

This movie is based on the original Home Alone movies. It focuses on the lives of a single father who is separated from his family. The movie has an adult audience and is rated PG. The second film is rated PG-13. This film has an audience of ages five and older. The third is aimed at a slightly younger audience. It’s best to have an older child to watch the Home Alone series.

The fifth film is a remake of the original Home Alone movie. In the original, Max Mercer is a smart detective who sets up traps to protect himself. This film turns the tables on the burglars and makes Max look like a villain. This makes the film weaker, but it is still worth watching. The original Home Alone films are hilarious. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

In this film, Kevin and his sister Alexis Baxter live in a separate home and are separated. Their parents have two children, but the younger one is the more dominant. In the series, they all live in different houses. As a result, it’s impossible to keep up with the younger one, and they must find a way to escape. A thief is a dangerous ghost who haunts the family.

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