The Green Light For ‘DP’ Season 2 Drama Is Getting More Steady After Confirming Primary


Recently, It Was Revealed That The Netflix Drama Series ‘DP’ Was Being Proposed For Season 2, After The Director Leaked That He Was Working On The Script, Now The Music PD Primary Has Also Leaked It.

The success of the screening of the drama ” DP ” proves that the South Korean film industry continues to grow and rise. Because of the success, it seems that the production team of “DP” will soon carry out its second season.

On Wednesday (20/10), one of Primary’s music directors revealed that this drama will continue the process of filming “DP” for the second season. “The second season of ‘DP’ has been confirmed. Recently, I met director Han Jun Hee and I heard about the second season of this series,” said Primary, who gave a brief statement to the media crew.

This was previously mentioned by the main actor, Jung Hae In, who mentioned the same plan. “I asked them and it seems they are working on the script for the new season. Give us the script,” said Jung Hae In. Although it was not confirmed at the time, it seems that director Han Jun Hee has also given the green light in the continuation of the second season script.

The director also mentioned that the drama he was working on was in the process of working on a second script. Even though he has leaked it himself, the director still does not provide certainty whether the script for these two dramas will be worked on or not.

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In addition, “DP” itself follows the story of an abbreviation of “Deserter Pursuit”. Adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name, this drama tells the story of a special military force sent to capture escaped conscripts.

Because of this, many feel the drama is a dark side of the South Korean military world that has never been revealed before. Even through the drama, it shows that there are several reasons why soldiers who are conscripted run away while carrying out their duties. One of the cases shown here is the inability of a soldier to be a victim of verbal and physical abuse within the military itself.

Meanwhile, it has not been confirmed yet when the drama in the second season will air. At least this drama will reveal another side that makes viewers open their horizons.

‘DP’ Director Admits He’s Writing Scripts For Season 2, Confirms Not Promising Anything

The Netflix Drama ‘DP’, Which Is Also In The Spotlight Because Of Its Dark Story About The Country’s Military, Has Successfully Captured The Hearts Of Global Viewers, So That Six Episodes Are Considered Too Short.

After reaping various successes, the Netflix drama series ” DP ” or “Desserter Pursuit” again brings good news to its loyal viewers. After a long discussion, “DP” is known to be working on a second season.

Director Han Jun Hee of Netflix original series “DP” has announced that he is writing a second season. On Wednesday (13/10), when the director talked at the 26th Busan International Film Festival in 2021. Apart from Han Jun Hee, the director of the Netflix series ” Kingdom ” Jang Hang Jun and Kim Sung Hoon also became speakers at the event. the.

During the discussion, the director Han Jun Hee mentioned his successful drama in the market. He even gave a statement that immediately became a hot conversation for his loyal viewers. “No plans can be decided about ‘DP’. I’m currently writing the script for the second season,” said the director.

Despite hearing the development of “DP” for the second season, Han Jun Hee firmly said that he himself could not promise anything about the production of the drama. “Of course, I don’t know what will happen, but anyway, I think if we prepare, we can do it when we continue the story in a certain direction,” said the director.

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“It hasn’t been saved yet, but I wrote it myself while talking to the author. So I did it because it might be workable,” continued the director. In addition to talking about “DP”‘s future plans, the director also revealed how he enjoyed collaborating with Netflix. “It’s really fun to show ‘DP’ on Netflix,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the drama “DP” which has a total of six episodes has been successfully released on August 27 this year. The drama’s story revolves around an arrest group that deviates from military duty to catch defectors. In this project, Jung Hae In , Koo Gwan Hwa , Shin Seung Ho and Jo Hyun Chul take important roles in every scene.