The giant spaceship first appeared in the film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


The various trailers and trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story released by Lucasfilm made Star Wars fans, who were initially skeptical of this film, enthusiastic. They can’t wait to see Solo at the cinema. In fact, many praised the appearance of Alden Ehrenreich as Harrison Ford in his youth.

When interviewed, Alden Ehrenreich admitted that he was aware that many doubted him. Therefore, the Beautiful Creatures (2013) star hired a personal acting coach. To satisfy the director of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars fans.

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In addition, the way that Alden Ehrenreich understands the world of Star Wars is by watching a lot of films from the 1970s. One of his favorites is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). According to the actor from Los Angeles who was born November 22, 1989, Solo: A Star Wars Story has a bit of a fun side. Which is similar to the film earlier.

On the other hand, director Ron Howard admitted, he and his crew worked very hard to meet the release schedule of Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, even though time is running out, he guarantees that they don’t sacrifice the slightest bit of the quality of this film.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is Ron Howard’s first Star Wars project. According to him, this space western film combines all the elements of entertainment that he only realized after directing it. There is action, humor, and drama. Complete package, basically.

Deadpool 2, one of the most awaited films of 2018, is finally showing in Indonesian cinemas starting this Tuesday (15/5). Like the first film, Deadpool 2 also tells the story of a mutant mutant, played by Ryan Reynolds. The story is still funny, cynical, and full of typical adult jokes.

The story of Deadpool 2 is indeed a continuation of the first film. Therefore, for those who haven’t had the chance to watch Deadpool (2016), it’s best if you watch it first before watching the sequel to this film.

When viewed from the Deadpool 2 trailer released by 20th Century Fox some time ago, this film will feature many new characters. Like Cable and Dominoes. In addition, there will also be an X-Force squad formed by Deadpool. All of which are rude, silly, and cynical, but funny and adorable at the same time.

Among the new characters in Deadpool 2, the most eye-catching is Cable. In the first trailer for this film, which was released in February 2018, it is seen that he is in a fierce battle with Deadpool. The mutant, played by Josh “Thanos” Brolin, looks very strong.

In the comics version, Cable is a frenemy of Deadpool. Sometimes he can be an enemy, but he can also be a friend. Will he become an enemy in Deadpool 2? It could be. However, apart from that, there is also a possibility, he will turn out to be a friend in the end.

Until now, the plot of Deadpool 2 has not been revealed. 20th Century Fox is very clever in making this movie trailer.