The Founder’s Review, The Story of Mc Donald’s Inventor Who Regrets For Life Because of His Business Vision


The Founder is a biographical film that tells the story of McDonald’s business journey. The film was directed by John Lee Hancock and produced by Don Handfield, Karen Lunder, Jeremy Renner and Aaron Ryder. This film tells the true story of Ray Kroc who succeeded in building the McDonald’s franchise business to a national scope. However, its success had to be peppered with drama by the early inventors of McDonald’s, namely Mac and Dick.

I made this film review for those of you who have not watched this film, or are still unsure whether this film is worth watching.

This film is a 2017 release, it airs on the Netflix website. However, as usual Dafunda #Movie always gives a warning. For those of you who don’t like story leaks or spoilers, you can close and look for other Movie content.

Synopsis of The Founder
The Founder was written by Robert D. Siegel, John Lee Hancock and produced by Don Handfield, Karen Lunder, Jeremy Renner and Aaron Ryder. This film tells the journey of the McDonald’s franchise restaurant being able to expand to a national scope.

This story begins with the story of Ray Kroc who is a salesman for a milkshake machine. At that time, he could say he was not successful in his business because he often got rejected when he offered his product. However, Ray Kroc is a true entrepreneur and has a broad vision and vision. Every time he wants to sleep he always listens to motivational recordings so he can get up.

One time, Kroc got an order for 6 milkshake machines to a burger restaurant called McDonald’s in Bellevile. When they arrived, Kroc was surprised by the shop owned by brothers Mac and Dick. At that time, it was seen that the McDonald’s restaurant was crowded with visitors, he was curious and it turned out that the service to provide food from McDonald’s only took 30 seconds, even though at that time the average restaurant served food took 30 minutes.

Finally, Krock met the owners of McDonald’s at the time, Mac and Dick. They tell that their kitchen system is set up by themselves to get efficiency in the production process and the results are satisfactory.

Then, Kroc also invited Mac and Dick to develop the McDonald’s franchise. However, the narrow-minded Mac and Dick objected to it on the grounds that quality control was not guaranteed. And he tried to persuade them again and spoke the word as a true entrepreneur

Until finally they made a deal and Kroc did his job as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) by opening a franchise branch and developing Mc Donald’s wing. However, in his journey, Kroc is troubled by the old-fashioned thinking of Mac and Dick and often conflicts between the two occur.

Until one day, Kroc managed to bring McDonald’s known in the national scope. The media also covered and recorded Kroc as the Founder of McDonald’s. They asked for Clarification and Kroc said I was developing this business while you guys only developed one store. The national media have recognized me as Founder of McDonald’s while you guys are still focused on the local shop you aristocrats. Of course Mac and Dick were mad about that.

Until one of them had to be taken to the hospital because he did not accept it. Then Kroc came to see and gave a check that Mac and Dick could fill out. From that, Kroc managed to give McDonald’s around 2.7 billion.

Because he managed to buy McDonald’s, Kroc was entitled to all of Mc Donald’s assets including the name. Mac and Dick were eventually banned from using the McDonald’s name in their stores and they didn’t realize it and lived in regret that McDonald’s continued to grow under Kroc’s leadership.

Reasons You Should Watch The Founder
As usual, we will provide the advantages and disadvantages of the film being reviewed. Here are some reasons why you should watch this film:

+ Based on the true story of the history of the McDonald’s company

The storyline of The Founder is based on the true story of Ray Kroc who succeeded in building McDonald’s to develop as it is today. This is a positive side that the audience can take because by watching the film The Founder, you will know more about the insights and history of McDonald’s. Especially for those of you who want to make a startup, you definitely need a lesson from this film.

This film teaches the audience to be an open-minded person in business and hard work and belief will change everything.

+ Michael Keaton Successfully Makes Movies More Dramatic

Michael Keaton, an actor who is already experienced in starring in Hollywood films, has successfully brought The Founder’s film more dramatic with his character in Krock. He succeeded in bringing Krock into a true entrepreneur and ambition. In addition, the conflict with Mac and Dick was quite successful in creating drama in the course of Mc Donald’s business development.

Apart from that, Keaton also played in the Spider Man movie. The success of this film did not escape the polish of director John Lee Hancock.