The Forgotten Battle Review: A World War II Movie with Three Perspectives


World War 2 (WWII) is a theme that is not boring to watch, and “The Forgotten Battle” (2020) is one of them. This 123 minute film tries to raise the theme of World War II with interesting ideas.

Films by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. This story itself tells the story of the battle of Scheldt that occurred during WWII. The battle took place involving a number of parties. Starting from Germany as the originator of the battle, to the allies and civilians.

While working on “The Forgotten Battle”, Mathijs collaborated with Lennert Hillege as a cinematographer, and Paula van der Oest as a scriptwriter. In addition to Netflix, this trilingual film has also been shown in the Netherlands on June 5, 2021 yesterday.

As a WWII film, “The Forgotten Battle” has an interesting story idea. The 123-minute film uses three points of view at once in it, namely: Germany as the originator of the battle; allies; as well as civilians. Unfortunately, the idea was not executed well.

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Paula van der Oest as the scriptwriter wants to introduce these three points of view through the first hour of “The Forgotten Battle”. Unfortunately, the introduction was carried out with a slow flow, making the first hour of the first film “The Forgotten Battle” boring.

Not to mention the too many drama elements, as well as the war scenes that are lacking in duration. If this film is adapted into a series, the execution of the idea may be maximized.

Overall, shooting “The Forgotten Battle” uses a point of view approach. This approach allows the audience to see the three points of view that “The Forgotten Battle” has to offer.

This three-language film also uses CGI and other special effects, especially in war scenes. The CGI itself is quite smooth, which makes the visuals of “The Forgotten Battle” still pleasing to the eye.

In terms of sound, “The Forgotten Battle” managed to present a dark sound. Starting from the sound of weapons, raindrops, to the sound of war vehicles. A big credit goes to the Sound Department team of this film. For the music scoring, the music used is mostly heart-wrenching string section music. Music that is actually too often used in war films.

Even so, the placement of the music can be said to be appropriate. Emilie Levienaise-Farouch as the music director was able to place the music according to the needs of the scene. He knows which scenes need music, and which ones don’t.

There is no most prominent cast in “The Forgotten Battle”. This is natural because this 123 minute film focuses more on the story aspect (plot driven) rather than on the development of the characters (character driven).

All the cast in the movie “The Forgotten Battle” performed well according to their portion. Although each character played by the cast does not have a strong character driven. For those who like films with good story ideas and strong character driven, this film doesn’t seem suitable.