‘The Fire of Vengeance’: 2021 a thrilling thriller that stands as the best of all films


Actor Denzel Washington and director Tony Scott collaborated on five films together before the death of the second. ‘Red tide’ was first and then ‘Fire of revenge’ , a title that Antenna 3 earned tonight from 10:10 pm, ‘Déjà Vu’ , ‘Attack on the Pelham train 123’

It was a most fruitful professional relationship which I believe culminated with ‘The Fire of Vengeance’, a great action thriller that was not well received by critics when it hit theaters in April 2004. One saw in it two films one, but in the moment of truth, its two aspects are needed to embroider the story it tells.

film in Scott’s filmography, as his style which clearly reaches here is his moment of greatest splendor.

With constant camera movement and a visual style between frantic and exaggerating, Scott elevates it especially in the second half of the story – and the kidnapping is before and after the film on all levels – with the protagonist played by Washington morphing into some sort of avenging angel who is willing to do anything to take away. justice into his own hands.

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There will be people who find it annoying or that it only works in some scenes and in others it’s not necessary, but in my case I see that it adds a special boldness to the film that also fits perfectly with the inner rage the main character has. release. There, Washington was particularly inspired by conveying Creasy’s internal anger, but allowed himself to be carried away by certain excesses when he had all the information he needed at the time.

However, all parts of that ‘Fire of vengeance’ would have had far less power without taking the time to introduce the characters and, above all, to establish the strange relationship that emerges between Creasy and Pita (the great Dakota Fanning), the former practicing almost more. as a father than his real father.

It adds the necessary layer of emotion to a surge of violence that makes the protagonist’s “adventure” work even better, reaching another level in an incredibly powerful outcome that shines as a great climax to everything we’ve seen before.

It’s true that there are characters who can give more than themselves, but at the end of the day what really matters here is family, both blood and those that emerge in more random ways despite initial resistance from the protagonist – that moment where Creasy refuses. to recognize Rita who had laughed…-. There’s always a very salient emotional underpinning that allows Scott to print his stamp without ending up being something blank, a problem that is present in some of his works.

Unfortunately, ‘The Fire of Vengeance’ was far from a huge box office success. Its worldwide revenue reaches up to 130 million dollars, while its budget ranges between 60 and 70 million according to the sources consulted.