The Fate of Women and Mafia Stories at the 14th Korean Film Festival


September 23-29. The Korean Film Festival at Corvin Cinemas in Budapest awaits audiences with 18 South Korean works.

This one-week festival, with the aim of creating a tradition, will again focus on works featuring stories of women and female creators. The festival offers a selection of this year’s Oscar-winning grandmother Minari, Youn Yuh-jung’s main films, as well as important documentaries about the plight of women in recent years. The festival’s opening film of the latest installment featuring the latest blockbuster was Choi Won-sub’s action comedy Super Secret Agent, which hit one million viewers in South Korea five days after its release.

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Hollywood’s new favorite is Korean granny Minari

of the Korean film world. Following the success of last year’s Parasites, this year’s Korean-American film Minari – The Story of My Family also made history: Youn Yuh-jung’s grandmother was able to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Therefore, the festival dedicates a separate section to Youn Yuh-jung’s work.

Each year, the Focus section focuses on a specific topic. This year, the distinctive and highly successful Korean film genre, gangster noir, will be in focus. Rich in action-packed, dramatic twists and turns, mafia stories depict the life of the Asian underworld with condensed reality.

In 2021, the Extras section will offer a documentary about women’s special destiny. Among them, we can also see films about old female divers who gather seafood from 10 to 20 feet deep in freediving dives to support their families in a basically patriarchal society.

The future of cinema after the pandemic

In addition to film screenings, the organizers also prepare professional programs. A roundtable discussion entitled The Future of Cinema After the Pandemic will be held with domestic film professionals at the Korean Cultural Center on September 27 starting at 4 pm.

The show seeks to answer how the experience of the pandemic has affected or will affect the fate of cinema. Of course, the habits of watching and consuming movies are changing not only because of the epidemic, but also technical changes in the last decade, new access opportunities have greatly changed how much, what and how we consume movies.

The conversation participants were professionals who were also knowledgeable about the Hungarian and Korean situation. In terms of cinema operations, the guest was Tamas Liszka, manager of Budapest Film Zrt., Budapest’s most important art cinema. Gyenis Gift, managing director of online film rental service Cinego, will report on his domestic experience in online film distribution. Dávid Teszár, a film critic, reports on the situation in Korea. The discussion will be led by film critic Teréz Vincze , lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University.