The entire album “Born Pink” (BLACKPINK) was revealed near the release date: What’s the reason?

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short cuts of songs in the album “Born Pink” were released on social networks. BLACKPINK fans are furious, calling for a report and asking YG Ent to intervene. The biggest reason is said to be the album distribution department.
According to Vietnam time, at 11 am on September 16, BLACKPINK will officially release the second full album in their career – Born Pink . However, on the night of September 15, a series of short clips of the songs on the album were released on social networks. Even a few photos from Rosé ‘s solo album went viral.

The reason is said to be that some album distribution websites have shipped or sold albums before the official release date. This caused some customers to receive the album first, resulting in the music in the CD being exposed.

This action was criticized by BLACKPINK fans as thoughtless and ungrateful. Because it’s been 2 years, the girls have just released new products. The album that has been carefully prepared for a long time is the effort of both BLACKPINK and the crew. Revealing before the release date will reduce the public’s curiosity for the album .

Immediately, fans urged netizens to respect the efforts of the 4 girls by ignoring any leaked music. Fans also agreed to report all BLACKPINK music leak accounts. Fans send emails and directly tag YG Ent’s main account under music leak articles with the hope that the company will soon take measures to handle this situation.

The Born Pink album consists of 8 songs, of which Shut Down is the title track using the sample of the classical song La campanella by Paganini. Pre-single Pink Venom was pre-released in August, achieving many “huge” achievements. The two MVs in this re-export of BLACKPINK are said by YG Ent to be the 2 biggest invested MVs in the company’s history.