The Director Reveals The Interesting Side Of ‘The Pirates 2’ That Should Be Anticipated, Like What?

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On Wednesday (29/12), the film ” The Pirates ” season 2 entitled ” The Pirates: Goblin Flag ” held a press conference. On this occasion, director Kim Jung Hoon revealed the interesting side of the film. That’s why the audience can have fun while watching it.

Director Kim Jung Hoon said, “I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t any pressure because the first film was very successful. I shot more realistic action and adventure scenes, so viewers (feel to really) experience them rather than just watching.”

In addition to the director, several of the main actors of this film also expressed their thoughts. Kang Ha Neul, who plays Woo Moo Chi, unexpectedly confessed that he wanted Han Hyo Joo’s character Hae Rang.

Kang Ha Neul said, “Actually when I first saw the script, I thought Hae Rang was really cool. From the charisma to the lines, everything was cool.”

Lee Kwang Soo who took on the role of Mak Yi also expressed his enthusiasm. Especially because he was fascinated by the filming location of this film.

Sehun EXO Reveals What It Feels Like Filming 'The Pirates: Goblin Flag' with a Row of Senior Actors

Meanwhile, “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” follows the journey of pirates in finding the missing treasure of the royal family. This film is quite interesting because the first season, which was released in 2014, was a huge success, attracting 8.66 million viewers.

Sehun EXO Reveals What It Feels Like Filming ‘The Pirates: Goblin Flag’ With A Row Of Senior Actors

In ‘The Pirates: Goblin Flag’, Sehun Plays Han Goong, A Skilled Archer Who Never Misses His Mark. He Is A Trusted Member Of The Crew Of The Haerang Ship (Han Hyo Joo).

” The Pirates: Goblin Flag ” held an online press conference on Wednesday (29/12). The press conference was attended by the main players of the pirate film, from Han Hyo Joo , Kang Ha Neul , Lee Kwang Soo , Sehun EXO , Chae Soo Bin , Kwon Sang Woo , Kim Jun Oh to Park Ji Hwan .

“The Pirates: Goblin Flag” which is the sequel to the movie “The Pirates” will show the spectacular adventures of pirates at sea to find lost royal treasures. This film will be Sehun’s big screen debut.

At the press conference, Sehun expressed his feelings for filming “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” with a row of senior actors. “It’s good to be with great seniors, and it’s an honor to be able to work with them,” said Sehun.

In “The Pirates: Goblin Flag”, Sehun takes on the role of Han Goong, a skilled archer who never misses his mark. The handsome long-haired boy is a trusted member of the crew of the Haerang ship (Han Hyo Joo).

The production team previously presented photos of Han Goong’s scene showing the man like an Arjuna.

On the other hand, Hae Rang is a pirate leader who looks unstoppable and ready to face whatever comes his way. “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” also shows Woo Moo Chi (Kang Ha Neul) as the villain but kind leader who looks down with a brave gaze. Chae Soo Bin plays Hae Geum, a natural conman who bravely joins a pirate ship.