The Development Of The Story Of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Is Considered Increasingly Strange, How Come?


After Episodes 13 And 14 Aired, The Development Of The Story Of Lawyer Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) And The People Around Him In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Was Considered Increasingly Strange.

After ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” aired episode 14 on Thursday (11/8), various opinions emerged about the development of the story. End of next week, the drama starring Park Eun Bin is considered to show some sudden developments and the situation is getting weirder. Check out the following explanation.

The strange development began when the team of Lawyer Jung Myung Seok ( Kang Ki Young ) from the law firm Hanbada went to Jeju for the case of illegal levies of the Hwangjisa Temple. Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) keeps thinking of a valid reason to get 3 thousand won (Rp. 33 thousand) back for his client.

In addition, it was revealed that Jung Myung Seok had stage 3 gastric cancer, so Hanbada’s lawyers searched for the owner of Happy Noodle. With the help of Dong Geurami ( Joo Hyun Young ) and Mr. Hairy ( Lim Sung Jae ), they can taste the meat noodles they almost missed.

In terms of love line, the main couple Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho ( Kang Tae Oh ) actually faced a crisis towards the end of the story “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Meanwhile, suddenly a subtle atmosphere emerged between lawyer Kwon Min Woo ( Joo Jong Hyuk ) and Choi Soo Yeon ( Ha Yoon Kyeong ) which made viewers wonder.

Details on the latest two episodes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” are still being questioned by fans. First, Lawyer Jung Myung Seok’s stomach cancer was considered sudden and made viewers guess the author’s message. With Jung Myung Seok’s background as a creative worker, is it true that the production team wanted to emphasize that family and health are more important than work?

In addition, Woo Young Woo’s sentence when emphasizing the percentage of Jung Myung Seok’s life expectancy was repeatedly allegedly disrespectful. Especially for viewers of cancer survivors, patients, and their families.

Throughout the story Young Woo is described as having a very rare autism spectrum disorder. This condition allows him to live in society with extraordinary intelligence to be able to realize the emotions of others. However, in the second half of the drama, his ability seemed selective, seen from his actions to protect Jun Ho’s feelings after they broke up, while in front of Jung Myung Seok he was less considerate.

So that the development of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” which was originally careful to show Woo Young Woo’s steps in living in society now actually leads to a declining condition. Another odd detail is that Young Woo’s best friend trying to stop him from talking about whales doesn’t stop him from talking about death.

Of course these details can be used to show Woo Young Woo lacks social skills. However, the feelings of viewers who struggle with cancer or have a family with a similar illness go unnoticed.

Next, Dong Geurami and Mr. Hairy with the Hanbada Gang in their service is also a question. Even viewers doubted their motives for seeking Jung Myung Seok’s happiness with the Hanbada team.

Soo Yeon and Min Woo’s sparkling romance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is also difficult to understand. Especially because all this time Soo Yeon thought Min Woo was always disturbing his best friend, Young Woo. The view that changed because of Min Woo’s family background was revealed in episodes 13 and 14 also suddenly impressed.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been well received by viewers who raised public awareness about autism spectrum disorder from the very beginning. Even the acquisition of ratings from 0.9 percent to 17 percent indicates that this drama is always eagerly awaited.

With the development of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” getting more and more open to debate, does writer Moon Ji Woon have other plans for the ending of this drama? All of that can be seen in episodes 15 and 16 next week on August 17-18. . . . . . . . .