The curious tribute of an Australian aborigine to Elizabeth II after her funeral


This Monday, Westminster Abbey (London), hosted the historic and massive state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II , who died on September 8 at the age of 96. And, this Tuesday, South Australia has wanted to pay its own tribute to her.

The Cathedral of Saint Peter in Adelaide (state of South Australia) has organized a State Service of gratitude for the life, work and witness of the late monarch who has reigned for 70 years for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations.

In this way, they wanted to offer any Australian the opportunity to approach the state capital to ” meet and reflect on the achievements ” of the queen , as the tribute pointed out .

And in that act, which was also broadcast live, there were masses, Gregorian chants and other honors to the sovereign. But there was also a peculiar tribute from an Australian aborigine who, dressed in his tribal clothing , dedicated a few words and sang in the middle of the altar to the rhythm of his tribal instruments.

Afterwards, he made a small fire on a piece of wood which he picked up and fanned with a feather , as part of a kind of purification ritual.