The “Cry” for help in the middle of the night (Midnight) – Wi Ha-Joon in Gonjiam reappears with a hunting scene in dramatic silence

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The Midnight “Cry” for help marks the return of Wi Ha-Joon.

Midnight (The “Cry” for Help at Midnight) – the psychological horror work officially released the poster and trailer, promising to be a movie worth watching in April!

For Korean movie fans, it’s no wonder that the undercover policeman Junho has a very handsome face in the famous Squid Game blockbuster everywhere. After the film was released, the reputation of the actor who played Junho – Wi Ha-joon also increased to the maximum. From a talented but little-known actor, he has now become a sought-after name and makes works in which he participates also receive more attention.

It was from here that the audience suddenly remembered that he had appeared in the movie GONJIAM: Haunted Hospital (2018), a movie that broke the March box office record in Korea, selling 1.4 million. tickets in the first week of release and account for 40% of the weekend box office during the time of the film.

Along with GONJIAM , Midnight – The “Cry” for Help at Midnight , also another project with Wi Ha-joon participating in the male lead role, will be officially premiered in Vietnam on April 15. !

Midnight – The “Cry” for help in the middle of the night is a psychological crime thriller film with sensational details directed by director Kwon Oh-Seung with the participation of talented actors such as: Wi Ha-Joon, Jin Ki-joo, Kim Hye-yoon,…

As soon as it was released in Korea, the film was loved by the audience and was always in the top 3 most popular movies at the time of screening. The film is also critically acclaimed when it reaches 100% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes. For the international market, Midnight – The Midnight “Cry” for help also proved to be not average when it won two awards: Best Featured Award at the 13th Grimmfest Film Festival and Silver Audience for Best Asian Film at the 13th Grimmfest Film Festival. 25th Fantasia International Film Festival.

The movie poster is not bloody, but it also feels… creepy!

Along with the information that the movie will be released, the poster duo of The Midnight “Cry” for Help was also released. Although there is no blood, there is no horror anywhere, but with the expressions on the faces of the two main characters, the hunted one is scared to death, the hunter is full of sin, making the audience just look at them. At first glance, it was also scary!

The poster duo also comes with two puzzling taglines: “The suffocating hunt in deadly silence” and “The inaudible witness became the prey of a serial killer”. Both sentences make the listener feel like they are reading the title of a true horror story. So what did the witness know that made the murderer hunt?

The trailer is short but quality, showing the new movie concept

If only watching the poster, it would be difficult for the audience to understand what the tagline “The suffocating hunt in deadly silence” means, but in the trailer, everything seemed to burst, making viewers unable to take their eyes off. Only nearly a minute and a half, but the trailer of “Cry” for help in the middle of the night does not miss a second to bring viewers into the dark dramatic atmosphere of the film. It is also revealed here that the female lead is a deaf person, unable to hear or speak. Just because he accidentally discovered the crime of a serial killer that became his target. Will she be able to escape the clutches of the psychopath when surrounded by only silence?

As soon as the posters and trailers were released, the Midnight “Cry” for helpshowed the audience that the film has all the elements such as: sensational rhythm, powerful actors, horror elements, and criminal psychology that easily attract viewers. With the above factors, the film promises to become a work worth watching this April, alongside other blockbusters waiting.

The “Cry” for Help at Midnight has early screenings from 19:00 on April 13, 2022 and all day on April 14, 2022 . The film officially opens in cinemas nationwide from April 15, 2022.