The Conjuring universe franchise continues its rise


The Conjuring universe franchise continues its rise. In total, including The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, there are already 8 films and two more films are being produced, which makes there currently 10 films from this horror franchise. A very big achievement of course from the franchise that has been started since 2013. As the main axis of other spin-offs, The Conjuring not only manages to provide quality horror spectacles, but also always manages to show iconic mystical creatures in the two previous films. So it’s not wrong if the audience expects something more that they got in the previous film. Apart from scary horror films, what about the iconic mystical creatures that will appear in this third series?

Still the same as the previous two films, the third installment of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is also inspired by the true story of one of the cases handled by the couple Ed and Lorrraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Varmiga). They both investigate the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson (Ruairi O’Connor), a young man accused of a brutal murder and the first person in the history of a court in the United States to plead “not guilty” because the murder occurred not of his own free will but because of his control. and controlled by the supernatural. Something that is very unusual of course and cannot be accepted by law.

But Ed and Lorraine are determined to try to help prove Arne’s innocence by gathering admissible evidence. Ed and Lorraine dig deeper into what causes the mystical events that Arne is experiencing. Slowly, Ed and Lorraine collect more and more evidence and lead them to a fact that they are not only dealing with invisible creatures, but also have to deal with the person who controls these creatures. There is a great power behind the series of events experienced by Arne. Did the warrens manage to solve the case this time?

The change in the director’s chair from James Wan who directed the previous two films to Michael Chaves (The Curse of La Llorona) greatly changes the feeling in this third film. Indeed, James Wan is still involved in this film as a writer and producer, but there is still a strong contrast between James Wan’s version of The Conjuring and Michael Chaves’ version. What really feels is in the story approach. The horror version of James Wan is very focused on situations or atmosphere that feels very horror without having to rely on the appearance of a physical figure which makes it much more scary and the jumpscare moments feel maximal. It is not too pronounced in this version of Chaves. Instead of thickening horror “venom 2“,

The scariest moment in The Conjuring “The Devil Made Me Do It” is in the opening scene. It’s very reminiscent or indeed as a tribute to the classic horror film which is very memorabilia The Exorcist. But after that the level of horror that we get feels very ordinary. It seems “venom 2 pelicula” Chaves really wants to carries this film in a way that sets it apart from the previous two films.

You could say it was a bold decision to change the tone of this film with the previous two films. Audiences who have expectations that they “eternals online” will get moments of horror in the style of James Wan will certainly be disappointed. Unless you really want something different from the James Wan version, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me do It will probably still satisfy you.