The choice of wall paint color has a psychological meaning.

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Are you aware that color preferences also reveal personality and can affect a person’s psychological state? PT ICI Paints Indonesia (AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Indonesia), a Marshall paint manufacturer, has released the 2023 color trend called “Wild Wonder”.

This color trend is determined based on research conducted annually by the AkzoNobel Center for Global Aesthetics in Amsterdam. Experts are invited to investigate global trends occurring in various aspects of people’s lives, and this year it is the 20th Color of the Year.

Wild Wonder was chosen as this year’s color trend because it draws its inspiration from human life integrating with nature, achieving a complete balance of life. Inspiring by offering a warm, comfortable and calm atmosphere, this color trend succeeds in increasing creativity and productivity, especially in residential areas.

Dulux Color of the Year palette
Through the AkzoNobel Global Center for Color Aesthetics, Marshall offers 4 inspiring palettes of decorative paint colors. There’s Lush, Buzz, Raw and Flow.

1. Lush is inspired by the colors of the forest, which can provide a warm, soft and comfortable atmosphere and calm the heart.

2. Buzz is inspired by the expanse of green meadows, biodiversity and fields of wildflowers that can harmoniously balance a calming atmosphere.

3. Raw is inspired by the harvest season, describing the richness of natural resources that can foster creativity and the spirit of productivity.

4. Flow is inspired by the color of the beach, which gives the impression of an orderly, peaceful and serene life cycle.

According to Nikki Hunt, Founder of Design Intervention, the natural atmosphere that was the inspiration for #FeelTheWonder and then translated into this color trend can improve quality of life through sustainable architectural designs and creations. What is your favorite color, Friends of FIMELA!

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