The Casemiro-Modric-Kroos Trio: The Past, Present and Future of Real Madrid


Carlo Ancelotti admits he is very lucky to have a trio of Real Madrid midfielders . There’s Casemiro, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos who are still playing amazingly.

The Casemiro-Modric-Kroos combination has long been recognized as one of Madrid’s main strengths. In recent years, this trio of midfielders has become one of the most important factors in Madrid’s golden era.

Now the three players are no longer young, even Modric is approaching retirement age. Even so, the performance of the three midfielders proved to be still outstanding.

Now Ancelotti is talking directly about the three players. What did he say?

Still the best in the world
This season the trio of Casemiro-Modric-Kroos is still Ancelotti’s mainstay in his second era of coaching Madrid. Maybe they don’t always play, but they always play well when they take to the field.

Interestingly, Ancelotti himself admitted that he was surprised by the slick play of the three players.

“What can you say.

“I was surprised by the three of them playing because they did things I didn’t even ask for, they did it naturally.”

Past, present, future
Ancelotti knew that the trio combination would end sooner or later. However, for now he believes all three can still play at a high level to help Los Blancos.

“They are the past, present and future. If we talk about the future that is not too far away, of course it is still very possible,” continued Ancelotti.

“If we talk about the next 10 years, maybe not anymore. Even so, our situation is quite good for the future,” he said.

Hard to explain
Interestingly, Ancelotti himself finds it difficult to explain the peculiarities of the trio of midfielders. The three of them did unusual things.

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Wow! Real Madrid to extend Luka Modric’s contract

The togetherness of Real Madrid and Luka Modric seems to be continuing. El Real’s management will reportedly provide a new contract for the player.

Modric is one of the senior players in the Real Madrid squad. He first played for Los Blancos in 2012 when he was recruited from Tottenham .

Modric’s contract at Real Madrid expires in 2022. Rumors circulated that Madrid’s management did not extend his contract.

Marca claims that the reality on the ground is not the case. Madrid’s management is reportedly working on a plan to extend the midfielder’s contract.

Still Not Finished
According to the report, the main reason why Real Madrid’s management wanted to keep Modric was because they thought the midfielder could still contribute.

Modric is still performing well this season in the Real Madrid midfield. He can still be a regulator of El Real’s attack.

Modric’s performance, which is still not declining, was welcomed by Madrid’s management. So they want to extend the midfielder’s contract.

Start Negotiation
According to the report, Real Madrid’s management began to move to secure Modric’s services. They started discussing to give him a new contract.

El Real’s management gave Modric a one-year contract. They can only provide short-term contracts because Modric’s age is old.

The negotiation process is already underway. Madrid management hopes Modric will stay at Real Madrid.

According to the same report, Modric welcomed the invitation to extend Modric’s contract. Because the midfielder still loves Real Madrid.

Modric has plans to retire at Real Madrid. So he is ready to last longer at El Real.