The Battle of the Thrones headline in the Amazon Ring of the Rings series


The streaming provider unveiled the title of the upcoming series in a cozy one-minute short film.

After the trailer-announcing trailers, a new genre seems to have been born, and producers and studios seem to be already shooting a video to release the title of their film or series. At least Amazon has done so, and it’s no surprise that the announcement is so hot, as, as we’ve written about it several times before, the series itself is worth a total of $ 770 million , meaning it will be the most expensive TV production of all time.

In the one-minute preacher, by the way, we can see the rings of the title, more precisely presumably the One Ring, poured out of hot metal (thus it is quite similar to the title of the Battle of the Thrones with similar elements ),


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“Three rings shine in the hands of the elven kings, / Seven are the noble dwarves, whose house is a quivering stone; ” By the way, we can see surprisingly few visual effects in the trailer, which was realized with the help of metalworker Landon Ryan.

The long-awaited fantasy series, titled The Lord of the Rings : The Rings of Power , will debut on Amazon Prime Video on September 2 this year, including the lesser-known Battle of the Thrones . By the way, the streaming service provider already announced the story of the series in January last year (our article on this can be read here ), based on which

the plot takes place in the Second Age, when Lord Sauron forged the Rings of Power and rose to power — that is , a series of antecedents compared to the well-known Lord of the Rings trilogy .