The Batman with Robert Pattinson: after the cancellation of Batgirl, the trilogy in danger?


Last week, a thunderclap fell on DC fans with the cancellation of Batgirl by Warner Bros. After this decision, should we fear for the future The Batman trilogy?

This is news that no one expected, especially fans of the DC universe. After disastrous test screenings, Warner Bros decided to simply cancel the release of Batgirl. The film was to be offered for streaming on HBO Max.

This announcement, a real blow for the entire film crew, has dismayed many people. Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige even lent his support to directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

Since then, speculation has been rife about Warner Bros. plans for DC, prompting studio boss David Zaslav to speak out on the matter.

“After studying the data, our conclusion is that expensive live-action movies are not the way people consume them on a platform. Do people really subscribe to a streaming service for that? How do we nurture this strategy over time?” , he asked.

“There’s no comparison to what happens when you release a movie in theatres. So this idea of ​​making expensive movies that go straight to streaming…I don’t find any economic justification for that. We are therefore making a strategic shift ,” he said.

“Look at Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, these are brands that are known all over the world. The ability to continue to expand their universes around the world through their stories is a unique opportunity for us.

We started from zero with a restructuring of the whole business. A dedicated team will now focus on a common 10-year DC plan.

The goal is to develop the DC brand, to develop the characters. And at the same time, our job is to protect the DC brand, and that’s what we’re going to do ,” David Zaslav said.

After this drastic decision and update from Warner, fans remained worried about The Batman trilogy starring Robert Pattinson. We know that a second episode is already in the works, but the third part has not yet been acquired or officially announced.

According to journalists Erik Davis (Fandango) and Umberto Gonzalez (The Wrap), The Batman trilogy has nothing to worry about. According to them, DC intends to honor the vision of Matt Reeves and let him complete his trilogy on the big screen.

Indeed, the first part was a great success, bringing in 770 million dollars in worldwide revenue for a budget of 200 million. In France, the film is one of the biggest successes of the year with 3 million admissions.

In addition, Robert Pattinson’s performance as the Dark Knight convinced critics and many detractors. No reason for Warner Bros not to continue this momentum by giving up the golden egg bat.

That the fans are therefore reassured, except industrial accident on the second episode, Matt Reeves will make his Batman trilogy in the cinema.

In addition, these announcements come as Joker 2 formalizes its release date: October 2, 2024. In the meantime, the next DC film to discover in theaters will be Black Adam on October 19.