The Batman: Unique Thing of Filming Colin Farrell

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The Unique Thing of Filming The Batman, Colin Farrell ‘Reckless’ Wearing Penguin Makeup When Going to a Cafe

The Penguin actor in The Batman , Colin Farrell , revealed a unique thing when he was shooting the film by Matt Reeves .

Colin Farrell admitted to visiting Starbucks to buy a drink even though he was still wearing a Penguin costume and makeup that looked ‘weird’.

She went through a heavy make-up process to actually transform into the Penguin figure in The Batman .

No kidding, to look like a Penguin, Colin Farrell reportedly took four hours in the make-up room at first, and two hours after getting used to it.

Colin Farrell said that it was not out of compulsion, but it was intentional.

She went to Starbucks dressed as a Penguin on the first day of the makeup test.

After finishing dressed like a Penguin by makeup artist Mike Marino, Colin Farrell then put it to the test.

Penguin makeup testing included going to Starbucks to see if she was recognizable in public

The Batman – The first day we tried everything, we took it for a ride, a metaphorical spin. We did it at Burbank. It took about six or eight hours. It was a team of ten or fifteen people. And it’s so much fun

I went to Starbucks and ordered a very non-Oswald (Penguin) drink, oat milk with two stevia sweeteners.

I got a few stares but only because it was such an impressive display.

Mike (Marino) did so much work for me on this, so much hard work ,” said Clin Farrell to Collider

It is known, the Penguin makeup has been a big topic of conversation among fans since the first trailer for The Batman was released.

There has been a lot of praise for the Penguin character design. In fact many people think it was bred by Richard Kind, and not Farrell.

The makeup artist even had to clarify on social media that Colin Farrell was the Penguin in The Batman 2022 .