‘The Batman’ Spin-Off Series Will Focus On Arkham Asylum


Arkham is a mental hospital for most of the criminal maniacs and is very dangerous for the city of Gotham

‘Gotham City PD’ spinoff series from ‘The Batman’ airs on HBO Max detours to focus on Arkham Asylum

A series that will center on the GCPD Gotham City Police Department (Gotham City Police) will be set in the “First Year” of Batman’s career and takes place before the events of ‘ The Batman ‘ and builds on a conflict about the anatomy of corruption in Gotham City. However, director Matt Reeves has opened up about the series’ shift to the legendary Arkham Asylum, home to many of the villainous characters that Batman faces.

The thing about GCPD has evolved and shifted more to what happens inside Arkham as it relates to the movie ‘ The Batman ‘. Several characters in the film have also tasted the dark atmosphere of Arkham Asylum.

The origins that will be explained have more horror nuances like Arkham’s haunted house. Matt Reeves wants Arkham to be a start and take fans into an environment where they will meet characters in a way that feels fresh. And his connection to the gloomy city of Gotham begins to develop.

Arkham is an important part of Batman’s lineage, and many would agree that a series discussing its history and how it relates to Robert Pattinson ‘s ‘Caped Crusader’ would be an interesting premise to explore. This spin off series that takes place before ‘The Batman’ during The Dark Knight’s first year as a hero in the shadows is active, this could be an indication that Gotham’s situation is at its worst.

Another Penguin -focused spinoff from Colin Farrell is in the works, which will reveal more of Oswald Cobblepot’s rise to rule over Gotham’s underworld. Certainly not enough of Penguin’s short time appearance in the film, but it is enough to captivate audiences with the potential of the story and its place between Gotham’s villains and Batman’s villain pantheon. Dylan Clark, the series’ producer, described him as similar to Scarface.

‘The Batman’ made a success in its opening with a revenue of 128.5 million US dollars domestically this weekend. That’s great for the second biggest opening weekend since the pandemic began two years ago (only trailing Spider-Man: No Way Home). The domestic opening of ‘The Batman’ was 2022’s biggest so far and is now the fifth best March opening of all time.