The BATMAN movie With a duration of 3 hours, is successful in hypnotizing the audience?

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Having a duration of almost 3 hours is a concern for a The Batman movie, because that long duration could be a double-edged sword for a movie, abandoned or still watched.

However, the movie The Batman 2022, directed by Matt Reeves, which is still showing now and has a duration of almost 3 hours, which is 2 hours 56 minutes to be precise, successfully hypnotized the audience.

The puzzle treats of the Riddler and the chaos of Gotham City, which began with the murder of the Mayor to the destruction of Gotham City , made BATMAN played by Robert Pettinson frustrated about it. But in the end the puzzle could be solved one by one, but no matter what, Gotham City was still in ruins.

Not only the chaos of Gotham City , the presence of Cat Woman, Penguin, Riddler and other actors successfully brought The BATMAN into a recommended movie to watch. Even the good news is that there have been many reviews or reviews that say that this movie is good and is flooded with praise.


The Batman 2 Sequel, Predicts the 5 Best DC Comics Villains in Matt Reeves Next Movie

The Batman is officially out in theaters on March 2nd, there is already talk of the next sequel movie for Batman Robert Pattinson by Matt Reeves .

Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves have expressed interest in making a sequel trilogy for The Batman 2022. After the success of this 3-hour long movie.

If they decide to make a sequel to the next movie, it very important that they choose the right villain for the Dark Knight enemy from DC comics .

That decision will depend on how The Batman ends and the overall gist of the story. Prediction of the DC comics villain that fits into the villain in the Matt Reeves movie .

Based on the trailer and interviews weve seen so far, Matt Reeves has chosen to tell a story based on reality.

Riddler seems to be well adapted realistically though his personality is a bit harsh from the actual DC comics .

Not all of Bruce Wayne enemies are realistic, but many of them can fit into a noir-style detective story fairly convincingly, if done right.

So far there no reason to doubt Matt Reeves vision for the Batman Universe, and the mood for these movies may be dark but the future looks bright for fans of the world greatest detective.

Here, then, are 5 villains who would be perfect for a sequel as enemies to Batman (Bruce Wayne)