The Batman might be able to cause these vibrations many times over


If the Joker managed to disturb our minds and minds some time ago, then The Batman might be able to cause these vibrations many times over.
Everything that happens in the film seems to be news that we often see in a country. If other superheroes fight against aliens or evil scientists, then Batman is actually fighting against corruption and the dark past of government officials in Gotham City.

This makes The Batman a superhero film that is different from the others and feels so real. In fact, almost all the characters there are present in our daily lives (except Batman’s advanced equipment).

With a duration of almost 3 hours, not a single scene is wasted throughout the film. Everything seems to connect into one piece of a puzzle that makes us chuckle in awe and contemplate when watching it.

The Batman is about Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) who tries to carry on his father’s dream to protect and improve Gotham. If Thomas Wayne is running for mayor, then he chooses to work in the shadows.

This effort also makes him intersect with the main villain, The Riddle (Paul Dano). The mysterious man who often leaves puzzles on the bodies of his victims seems to give a leak on the past of Batman and his family.

Not only that, he also always pursues victims who are corrupt officials and have a big sin for the city’s residents.

In the search, Batman also meets a lower-class mafia who owns a nightclub, namely The Penguin (Collin Farrell). He also tried to find information from him but to no avail.

Zo Kravitz and Robert Pattinson in The Batman. Photo: doc. Warner Bros.
Fortunately, he meets Selina Kyle or Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) who work at the club. This is where the seeds of romance began to grow between the two.

But take it easy, The Batman did not lose its direction and turned into a romance film. The intimacy between the two is just a spice from how dark the story is presented by director Matt Reeves.

Together with James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) they also try to reveal the dark mystery of The Riddle’s riddle and what its real purpose is.

Despite the long duration, Matt Reeves managed to spoil the eyes of the audience through his slick cinematography with noir nuances presented by Greig Fraser. Starting from the color tone, the OST to the SFX, it becomes a complete presentation of how gloomy the film is.

Footage of a scene in The Batman. Photo: Doc. wife
No wonder Matt Reeves claimed to be inspired by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. The film itself seems to scream like a young child trapped in a corrupt system and trying to rise from past sins.