The Batman (2022) – Review, critics Superhero Movie directed by Matt Reeves

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The Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves is one of the movies that people, especially DC Comic fans have been waiting for. The movie, which simultaneously aired on March 2, 2022, turned out to have received a lot of positive comments from movie critics.

On the Rotten Tomatoes page, The Batman movie has received a score of 91% from a total of 120 movie critics’ reviews. This score will certainly continue to increase over time. It could be, The Batman will follow in the footsteps of the success of the previous Batman movie, namely The Dark Knight trilogy.

It seems that Reeves is not only highlighting the superhero side in The Batman movie, there are other things he wants to convey in his version of Batman.

Superhero Movie Wrapped in Intense Detective Story
“The Batman gives an excellent investigative story to the character, perhaps the best since the live action television show Adam West held in 1960,” wrote Don Shanahan in Every Movie Has a Lesson.

This time Reeves does not feature Batman, which is always synonymous with ninja-like abilities where he can appear suddenly and other magical battles.

That of the 20 Batman movies that have been released and for 80 years this character was created, of course, makes it challenged to make Batman stories more different and fresh. Reeves also said this refresher would not conflict with the comic storyline.

The detective story that is so pronounced and the action that certainly doesn’t lag behind makes the combination in this movie not only show the superhero action genre, but is also packaged with a psychological thriller that is so complex.

The Riddler Appearance Feels Like A Joker
“Paul Dano makes The Riddler really interesting… It as exciting as his performance as Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight and it will haunt you in your nightmares,” wrote Ian Sandwell in Digital Spy

The Batman movie becomes even more interesting when Matt Reeves brings up The Riddler as his main enemy. In the comics, The Riddler is indeed one of Batman most annoying enemies.

As the name implies, The Riddler is a character who is very intelligent in carrying out his actions, often making it difficult for Batman to solve all puzzles to reveal motives, how to kill, and how to find them.

Paul Dano managed to play The Riddler very well. With a psychological puzzle game, Paul Dano will take you to reminisce about the figure with Heath Leder version of the Joker.

The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, succeeded in making the audience always rack their brains so that they could arouse the mental state of the audience.

The villain who is the key to everything
The Batman spawns two villain characters, they are Carmine Falcone and Penguin. Camine Falcone played by John Turturro and Penguin played by Colin Farrell.

Colin Farrell seems to have managed to play Penguin very well. Although it is Falcone here who is the key witness, it is Penguin who gets the spotlight by movie critics.

“Colin Farrell undoubtedly stole the show playing Penguin… this is the best scene from Oswald Cobblepot (the name of the Penguin) we’ve seen in the movie,” wrote Josh Wilding in

In this movie, Penguin is still told as Falcone subordinate, in accordance with the development of the comic and has been included in Bruno Heller Gotham series.

Falcone has a very important role in this story. As a mafia boss, Falcone has many secrets about the corrupt city of Gotham and who officials are involved in dirty acts to improve his image.

This is where Falcon becomes the key and link between The Riddler, Detective Jim Gordon, Catwoman, and even Penguin.

Love and Hate Relationship Batman dan Catwomen
The hero who appears in The Batman is not only Batman, but there is also a cat hero, Cat Women.

Cat Women in this movie has been described as a character who is good at infiltrating and has detective instincts that are as sharp as Batman.

If you imagine a romantic story between them, you better throw those hopes away. Instead of being romantic, They seem not compatible with each other but help and need each other.

“I don’t really know what love or hate is. However, here we are pushing each other buttons. Relationships arise because we need each other, and I think we are very good at harmonizing and finding compatibility which makes our character relationships scary, said Zoe Kravitz.

Isn’t This Movie Too Long?

“I wish The Batman 2022 could be shorter than this… in one of the darker-looking characters it doesn’t stand out well it just feels out of focus,” wrote Robert Daniels in The Playlist.

True, this movie has a duration of three hours, to be precise, 2 hours 56 minutes. With a story that is quite heavy and quite dense, this is quite tiring to watch.

It quite heavy to watch but this is the best Batman movie version ever. With the concept of back to basic, Matt Reeves really packaged it very well and complex.

If your concentration is not broken while watching this movie, you will find easter eggs that appear in this movie, not in the form of a post credit scene, but in certain scenes.

That all for the review of The Batman movie, overall this movie is HIGHLY recommended to be included in the list of movies that you should watch.